Feature Catch Up: The Back-to-School Essentials

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Feature Catch Up: The Back-to-School Essentials

Posted in Schoology | August 21, 2013

Feature Ketchup? Oh, Feature Catch Up!

Good morning, Schoology Community! We hope those of you coming back from summer sabbatical had a stellar vacation. We also want to take a moment and welcome our newest community members who are gearing up to use Schoology for the first time.

You're new and you have much to learn, but trust in your peers and the Help Center, and you'll be using Schoology like a pro in no time.

Whether you are new to Schoology or a savvy veteran, it's a good idea to know what you're working with. We covered the general layout of the platform in our Beginner's Guide earlier this month. As our next installment of "The Back to School Essentials," we'd like to catch you up on all the cool new features we launched over Summer Break.

Brace yourself, because there are quite a few:

  1. New Help Center
    Chock full of announcements, how-to articles, and video tutorials, support.schoology.com is the place for all things Schoology.
    Resources: Blog Post
  2. Archiving Courses and Groups
    This enables you to "archive" or disable your courses and groups that you don't use any longer. You can also pull content from them.
    Resources: Blog Post, Help Article for Courses, and Help Article for Groups
  3. Android Mobile App v2.0
    We've completely overhauled the user interface of our Android mobile app for a better experience all around.
    Resources: Blog Post and Help Article
  4. LTI Integration and External Tools
    You can now use your LTI content as integrated "External Tools" in courses and as resources.
    Resources: Blog Post and Help Article
  5. Background Imports
    Import Moodle, Blackboard, and BrainHoney zip files in a more effective way than before.
    Resources: Blog Post and Help Article
  6. Improved Zip Imports
    The platform now fully supports Zip files in a way that better maintains their formatting and file structure.
    Resources: Blog Post and Help Article
  7. Support for Web Content Packages
    If you have Web Content that you're itching to use, now you can!
    Resources: Blog Post
  8. Badges
    Create, edit, and issue badges to support learning in exciting ways.
    Resources: Blog Post and Help Article
  9. Support for Common Cartridge
    Schoology supports Common Cartridge imports and exports.
    Resources: Blog Post and Help Article
  10. Android Mobile App v2.1
    Access your resources anytime, anywhere.
    Resources: Blog Post
  11. Redesigned Parent Interface
    The whole parent interface is way more effective in helping parents play an active role in education.
    Resources: Blog Post, Help Article for Teachers, Help Article for Parents
  12. Linking Multiple Schoology Accounts
    Easily connect and switch between multiple Schoology accounts.
    Resources: Blog Post and Help Article
  13. QTI Imports
    You can import QTI files (questions built to the QTI standard in other platforms) and use them in Schoology.
    Resources: Blog Post and Help Article
  14. Automated Imports of CSV Files
    System administrators can set up automatic imports of user and course data from SFTP servers.
    Resources: Blog Post and Help Article
  15. Test and Quiz Autosave
    Schoology automatically saves students' progress as they take tests and quizzes.
    Resources: Blog Post
  16. iOS App v2.6
    You can use rubrics to grade student submissions no matter where you are.
    Resources: Blog Post

Not bad, right? Those 16 new features represent a good amount of work hours and tons of commits. Kudos to our Development and Product Teams. Great job, everyone!

Now that these new features are yours to use, Schoology Community, make sure to check out the links below them. The blog posts can get you started, but if you want a little more guidance, go for the help articles. Basically everything you'd want to know about Schoology and how to use it can be found right here on the blog and in our Help Center.

* * *

Hungry for more? You're in luck! Stay tuned for our next post on different ways to use Courses and Resources. And check out our last post while you wait: A Beginner's Guide to Using Schoology.

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