Everything You Need to Know About Schoology at ISTE 2017

River Walk | Schoology at ISTE in San Antonio
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Everything You Need to Know About Schoology at ISTE 2017

Posted in Schoology | June 22, 2017

It seems that we say this every year, but every year we really mean it—this year, Schoology’s presence at ISTE is going to be bigger and better than ever!

From amazing content at our booth (900), to events you’re not going to want to miss, to opportunities to network and grow your PLN—we are poised and ready to make your ISTE an unforgettable experience.

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Content to Knock Your Socks Off

Schoology will be having sessions every hour, on the hour at Booth 900. From introductory Schoology demos, to conversations with Schoology partners like Safari Montage, Microsoft, and Google, to content-rich sessions from our community of users, you’re not going to want to miss a minute of what we’re up to at ISTE. Check out our full schedule of sessions and activities below.

Save a copy of Schoology's ISTE Booth Schedule

Monday, June 26

8:30–9:30 AM | Room 214B

The Instructional Demands of Digital Assessments
Kara Gann, Strategic Account Manager
Kellie Ady, Director of Instructional Strategy
Adam Larson, Director of Educational Strategy

Discover how to burst the assessment bubble by going beyond assessments that fit on 8.5-by-11 answer sheets. We’ll help you identify the real needs of students, teachers, principals and coordinators and the challenges they face.



10 AM | SAFARI Montage Booth #1510

How an LMS Helps You Get the Most Out of Your Digital Content
Chris Arvanitis, National Solutions Director, Schoology

Join Chris Arvanitis (Solutions Director, Schoology) as he explores the benefits of pairing digital content, like that of Safari Montage, with an interactive environment, such as a learning management system (LMS). See why an LMS is far more than just a repository for your content and how it can help you transform teaching and learning into a fully interactive, measurable, and differentiated experience.



10 AM | Schoology Booth #900

Schoology 101: LMS Core Features and Best Practices
Schoology Staff

Dive into Schoology's LMS and learn the ins and outs of the learning platform. We'll explore Schoology's core features, some best practices for using them, and the impact they have on the learning process.



11 AM | Schoology Booth #900

Gamified PD: Staff Just Wants to Have Fun!
Jared Lopatin, EdTech Coordinator

Gamified Professional Development—is that even possible? YES! In order to get more buy-in from staff members, I decided to gamify my technology training sessions, but this method could work for any topic—not just technology. Take a dash of friendly team rivalry, a pinch of flipped classroom, a smidgen of whimsical storyline, and mix 'em together within a sturdy point and badging system and you've got a recipe for success. I'll take you through my process and offer some helpful tips and tricks that you can adapt for your own means. Best of all, it can all be done right inside the Schoology platform. Games aren't just for the students!



12 PM | Schoology Booth #900

Schoology's Enhanced Integration with Microsoft
Eric Herzog, Product Marketing Manager, Office 365
Adam Larson, Director of Educational Strategy

Join us to see Schoology's enhanced Microsoft Office 365 integration. Here are a few key highlights:

  • Simple integrated workflow from assignment, student work, and submission to grading
  • Assign a copy of Microsoft documents with a single click
  • Support for Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint
  • Monitor student progress on assignments in real time
  • Seamless grading experience using Schoology rubrics



1 PM | Schoology Booth #900

Competency Based Professional Learning: Earn Your Badge and Level Up!
Brandi Miller, Instructional Technology TOSA

Competency based badges can be a great tool to increase professional learning. By focusing on learner outcomes, we can transform professional learning from a sit and get event to an ongoing showcase of skills and knowledge that have the power to positively impact teaching and learning. In this session we will examine learner outcomes, discuss how to create badges, and explore various platforms to host badges.



2 PM | Schoology Booth #900

Less Clicks-More Learning with Schoology
Cory Klinge, Instructional Excellence Coordinator

Schoology is a multi-faceted, multi-functional tool that allows for incredibly engaging learning opportunities for learners when educators have the needed skills to craft and deliver quality content. By utilizing all of the internal and external tools and applications available to Schoology users, educators can build unique, accessible content directly into their course—requiring less clicks and yielding more learning opportunities.

In this session we will explore the many capabilities of the the insert content tools, embedable 3rd party tools that expand the capabilities of the Schoology platform, and uniquely engaging learning applications available in the Schoology App store. Come together with like-minded colleagues to learn and collaborate on building beautiful, creative, engaging content for your learners that work across all devices, that are aligned and pinned to learning objectives, and that are focussed on providing data that can help educators inform their instruction.



3 PM | Schoology Booth #900

Spice Up Schoology with Google For A Winning Blended Learning Recipe!
Ashley Sorensen, Instructional Technology Coach

In this mini-session, attendees can learn more about how we utilize Schoology and Google every day at our school. We will highlight our top 5 tips and answer any questions from the audience!



4 PM | Schoology Booth #900

Creating a Collaborative Environment for PLCs
Brooke Sims, Digital Learning Coach

Come learn how Coppell ISD utilizes Schoology to support a collaborative environment for educators.



5 PM | Schoology Booth #900

The Schoology Community; FREE, Renewable Energy
Robert Schuetz, Technology Department Chair

Attendees can expect to be actively involved in a conversation about Schoology's online communities. This session will mirror my ISTE presentation, but be more specifically detailed to the various types and layers of communities in Schoology, as well as, how these communities impact our personal and professional growth. This conversation will support ISTE's new dispositions for teachers and students, specifically creative communication and global collaboration.

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Tuesday, June 27

10 AM | Schoology Booth #900

Enrich Schoology Lessons & Assignments with Curated Digital Resources via SAFARI Montage—The Leading K-12 Learning Object Repository
Dr. Tim Clark, Vice President of Learning Innovation, SAFARI Montage

Join Dr. Tim Clark (V.P. of Learning Innovation, SAFARI Montage) to learn how Schoology has partnered with SAFARI Montage to enable mutual K-12 users to seamlessly integrate the SAFARI Montage Learning Object Repository (LOR) within Schoology's award-winning LMS. Learn how this enhanced integration enables teachers to leverage SAFARI Montage LOR's rich resources as well as district-curated learning objects while building engaging lessons and curriculum within Schoology.



11 AM | Schoology Booth #900

Schoology Best Practices-Think Locally, Act Globally
Cory Klinge, Instructional Excellence Coordinator

Having been a part of 2 different school districts' Schoology adoptions, I know a great deal about what works and what can hinder a Schoology adoption. All stakeholders must take ownership of their own learning and their own locus of control on the Schoology platform. If organizations focus on creating clear expectations for their stakeholders then the sky is the limit on the power of Schoology to bring about better communication, to foster unique and engaging learning opportunities, and to showcase student learning.



12 PM | Schoology Booth #900

Immediate Help with Immediate Feedback
Courtney Kalbach, Instructional Technology Coach

Students complete classwork and assessments every single day. But are your students receiving feedback on their classwork and assessments every single day? Using the Schoology feature Immediate Feedback in tests and quizzes, teachers can provide students with answers, clarification, extending work, and reinforcing work all based on students' answers.



1 PM | Schoology Booth #900

Screencasting and Schoology: The Perfect Combo!
Rob Zdrojewski, Director of Instructional Technology & Adjunct Professor

Learn how one district leverages the Schoology platform to supercharge their annual PD days, as teachers become "Master Screencasters" to discuss their takeaways. We will explore ways to integrate simple screencasting techniques into Schoology.



2 PM | Schoology Booth #900

Personalized Learning with Young Students
Austin Moore, Tech Coach

Come and learn how a third grade teacher’s blended learning classroom environment has grown the knowledge, independence, and confidence of her elementary students.



3 PM | Schoology Booth #900

Creating a Digital Learning Environment for Your Organization
Brian Timm, Digital Learning Coach

Come hear how Coppell ISD leverages Schoology as its digital learning environment for all stakeholders in their district.


4 PM | Schoology Booth #900

Schoology Champions Meet Up & Sign Up

More information below.

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Wednesday, June 28

10 AM | Schoology Booth #900

Watering Holes on the Web: Schoology's Vibrant Online Communities
Robert Schuetz, Technology Department Chair

Attendees will participate in an activity showing the impact and importance of online communities. We will look at research showing the impact of interaction on learner engagement. We will look at three prominent examples of the Schoology online community in action; Schoology Educators Group, Schoology Ambassadors, and #SchoologyChat. Why have these layers of community grown? What impact do they have on participating members? The session will conclude with a discussion of how educators can use features in Schoology to build a learning community in their school or classroom (for example, Discussions, Updates w/Polls, Media Albums, embedded media and assessment tools.)



11 AM | Schoology Booth #900

Badges—Not just for scouts anymore: Gamify your PD
Jeremy Mahoney, Director of Instructional Technology

By using Schoology Badges, we have transformed the way tech PD is delivered in our school district. Come see how Springfield Platteview Community Schools implemented "Season 1" of its Technology Knowledge Challenge, and see how it has motivated teachers to explore technologies while having fun at the same time.



12 PM | Schoology Booth #900

How to Create Blended OD with Schoology
Shauna Polson, Education Technology Specialist

Schoology courses are a perfect vehicle to deliver blended PD. Check out how Boulder Valley School District Ed Tech uses Google and Schoology in a perfect mash-up for professional development courses such as Digital Storytelling. Attendees will learn how to seamlessly integrate Google apps such as Google Drawings and Slides in addition to collaborative tools like Padlet within a course in Schoology. If time permits, attendees will learn how Schoology portfolios can be used to highlight artifacts and for reflection during the PD experience.



1 PM | Schoology Booth #900

Transform How You Assess Student Understanding
Schoology Staff

Assessing student understanding and using that data to inform instruction, district initiatives, and curriculum development is a pinnacle challenge of our time. Schoology has taken the largest leap of any LMS vendor by building an assessment management platform (AMP) seamlessly into it's learning platform. The result is a learning environment that allows students to be assessed against institutional standards within the normal classroom workflow—one that enables all stakeholders to make data-informed decisions about how to move forward. Join me to learn more.



2PM | Schoology Booth #900

Putting Your PLC on Steroids: How Schoology Enhances Faculty Collaboration 
Schoology Staff

Do you encourage or participate in professional learning communities (PLCs)? What if your LMS were designed to go beyond simply supporting PLCs to helping them become more effective? I want to show you how Schoology's LMS can turn your PLC into a well-oiled machine by enabling better asynchronous communication, simplifying content creation, enabling shared content to be used in your course in a few clicks, and more.

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ISTE Experience-Making Events

Wondering what to do in San Antonio while at ISTE? Join local experts San Antonio ISD and Schoology for an event to make your ISTE experience! Schoology is helping to sponsor the event and will be running a special social media promotion during the event. Join us to take home some exclusive Schoology swag, to network with fellow ISTE attendees, and to most importantly, let off some steam after a long day of learning at ISTE.

Learn more at Schoology Booth #900.


The Schoology Champions Program Meet Up & Sign Up

Do you love Schoology? Do you love it so much you want to shout it from the rooftops? You’re not alone. Visit Schoology Booth 900 at ISTE to learn more about Schoology’s newest gamified community program, the Schoology Champions Program.

Come by Schoology Booth 900 on Tuesday, June 27 at 4:00pm for our official Champions meetup or drop by any time to learn more. You’ll be able to meet fellow users, sign up for the program, and pick up some special swag. The first users to arrive at the Tuesday meet up will receive exclusive Schoology Champions swag (first come, first serve while supplies last). So, don’t miss out!

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We look forward to catching up with you next week at ISTE at Schoology Booth 900. Safe travels down to San Antonio!

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