Evan Barnett's Winning Video: A Community-Based Virtual Classroom

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Evan Barnett's Winning Video: A Community-Based Virtual Classroom

Posted in Community | April 26, 2013

Our final featured presentation of our Power User Video Contest comes from Evan Barnett of Nashville, TN, and was voted the Schoology Employee Choice. Evan is a Studio Associate and Graphic Designer at Alphachimp Learning Systems, a virtual learning organization that teaches people how to visually represent and share their ideas. He has used Schoology for roughly two years now. Evan's video is an animation that highlights how Schoology humanizes the online learning environment.

We asked Evan if he had any advice about using technology in the classroom (or as the classroom!), and he had this to say:

"MIT reported that around 1% of all people who sign up for MOOCs (massive open online courses) actually finish the course. That can be for several reasons: difficulty understanding how to start, having subject matter that is too advanced, or being uninterested. We feel the most important component is accountability. With our students we constantly encourage people to share ideas, comment, and critique. That way we build a lasting community that grows and thrives."



Thank you Evan!

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