Ending the School Year in Style: #SchoologyChat Recap

Ending the School Year in Style: #SchoologyChat Recap
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Robert Schuetz

Technology Coordinator for Palatine High School, IL

Ending the School Year in Style: #SchoologyChat Recap

Posted in Community | June 28, 2017

Have you ever watched a highly anticipated movie only to be disappointed by a blah ending? While you don't have control over bad endings in movies, you can avoid bad endings to your school year.

The June edition of #SchoologyChat, hosted by Schoology Ambassador Courtney Kalbach, provided shining examples of how to start the school year strong, and equally important, finishing with style. As usual, our chat participants were as generous as they were diverse. Seemingly everyone contributed at least one key line to this interesting story.

Courtney set the stage masterfully by using summer as a theme for fun graphics and playful, engaging questions. #SchoologyChat has become “must-see-TV” as several of our participants chimed in from cars, trains, and places far from their homes. In general, it’s easy to see #SchoologyChat participants have grown as leaders, innovators, and designers using Schoology as the primary place for interaction and engagement.

Courtney’s first prompt asked participants to share a Schoology success from this school year. Judging from the numerous responses, it was a very good year! Shared success stories included gamified courses, digital badges, self-paced professional learning modules, and my favorite, Mrs. Toflinski’s use of Schoology portfolios for authentic, summative assessment.

Kalbach guided the conversation towards a discussion of favorite Schoology features, as well as, strategies supportive of 21st century learning standards, the 4Cs. Be sure to check out the archive because several outstanding examples were shared by our experts. Areas receiving the most attention included, discussions, completion rules, and media albums. We’re sure you will find at least one helpful strategy from this scene.

As with all good movies, the plot line of this chat thickened when Courtney asked us to share current professional challenges and frustrations. “How can Schoology help?” Folks mentioned initiating different grading practices, wishing for seamless SIS (student information system) integration, and looking forward to using Schoology’s recent and coming upgrades to build better courses with better assessments. What upgrades, you ask? Enhanced Google Drive integration, Office 365 integration, and the exciting, new test-quiz item types. Looks like 2017–2018 will be another great year!

Finally, the exciting conclusion, no “blah ending” here. Our chatters were asked to mention a professional goal for the coming year, and discuss their summer preparations towards said goal. Courtney asked us to “seize the day”, share our goals, and look forward to an enriching, revitalizing summer. Our goals included sprucing up assessments, implementing new grading systems, personalizing learning, and connecting with students’ parents.

Is it any wonder the Schoology learning community is so generous and vibrant? Great people with great goals. Courtney helped #SchoologyChat finish the school year with style. The July edition of #SchoologyChat will be a special format in support of Schoology NEXT 2017, July 23–July 26.

Below are some of the highlights of this months chat. You can see all the insights in our Storify.

Ending the School Year in Style: #SchoologyChat Recap















































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