Educator Spotlight: Cathie Gillner's Mission to Build a Worldwide Learning Community

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Educator Spotlight: Cathie Gillner's Mission to Build a Worldwide Learning Community

Posted in Community | March 30, 2017

Dr. Cathie Gillner, our 2016 Ambassador of the Year, has always been a proponent of the integration of technology and education, so her job as Mobile Device Teacher is a perfect fit.

Cathie has spent years forging new connections among teachers and students in the Fox Chapel Area School District in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is cultivating a collaborative community “with other phenomenal educators to enhance my professional learning network.”

Having experienced firsthand the power of “connecting the world into the hands of my students,” Cathie has always looked for new ways to embrace and elevate her district’s achievement.

Linking Classrooms to the World

Cathie believes that the power of mobile technologies and learning management systems have “removed the walls of the classroom to expand outside the traditional brick and mortar school.”

Cathie and her fellow teachers embed digital media resources seamlessly into their digital courses so students can access them any time. Not only that, but they've created an entire tech-driven ecosystem, using tools like Google+ and Skype to remotely bring experts into her students’ classrooms and transport “authentic learning opportunities into our daily world.”

“Schoology has enhanced opportunities for my students to connect with other classrooms and resources,” Cathie says.

“Boosting achievement comes with carefully designed and delivered content,” Cathie says. By making that content available to everyone at anytime, learning and collaboration can happen seamlessly, she adds.

“My traditional classroom was like a one-dimensional map,” she says. “Schoology has transformed our class into a treasure chest of endless exploration. Learning and creativity are now integrated.”

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