Educational Leadership in a Transformational Age | Dr. Will Interviews Eric Sheninger

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Educational Leadership in a Transformational Age | Dr. Will Interviews Eric Sheninger

Posted in Evolving Ed | March 09, 2017



It's important for leaders in any profession to adapt to changing times and recognize a good thing even when it may be contrary to their existing methodologies. This is the philosophy of Eric Sheninger, Senior Fellow and Thought Leader on Digital Leadership with the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE) and author of  author of five books including Digital Leadership: Changing Paradigms for Changing Times and Uncommon Learning: Creating Schools that Work for Kids.

He says that the most far-reaching challenge educators face today is their own mindsets. "If we utilize the same old thinking," Eric explains, "we're going to get the same old results. Or worse, we're not going to get the results we want. Nobody likes change because of the fear of the unknown, but we have to accept that with the world changing because of technology, we have to change."

But Eric's goal isn't to make educators like technology. His goal is to ensure they understand how it can help them to "start thinking about instructional design, pedagogy, assessment, how we communicate, how we tell our story, how we transform learning spaces and environments, and how we grow professionally."

In this episode of the Dr. Will Show, Instructional Technologist Dr. Will Deyamport and Eric Sheninger talk about all of this and more including:

  • Preparing students for the real world
  • Why we get distracted by the tech and how to refocus on learning experiences
  • How to think about educational transformation
  • The incredible power of getting connected

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