38 Stats to Celebrate Digital Learning Day

38 tweetable digital learning stats to celebrate Digital Learning Day!
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38 Stats to Celebrate Digital Learning Day

Posted in Schoology | February 27, 2019

Happy Digital Learning Day! You may be wondering what this day is all about and why we’re so excited to celebrate it. It started as a grassroots movement that began in 2012 and has grown into a worldwide celebration of learning, so of course as an EdTech company, why wouldn’t we celebrate?! We believe that digital learning has truly enhanced education and should be recognized.

You can learn all about this day, why educators celebrate it, and how you can participate on the official Digital Learning Day website.

And speaking of participating, we have a very fun Twitter contest for you all on #DLDay, Thursday the 28th. Make sure you’re following along @Schoology for the chance to participate and win some awesome swag.

38 Tweetable #DLDay Stats To Share

We thought it would be fun to share 38 of the most interesting digital learning stats from our 2018 State of Digital Learning Report. This survey was taken by close to 10,000 education professionals of all roles and backgrounds from all around the U.S. Choose which ones stand out to you the most, tweet them out to your network, and start a conversation!

  1. 95.5% of educators believe that digital learning has a positive impact on student achievement (Tweet this stat)
  2. 95% of educators believe that digital learning has a positive impact on instructor effectiveness (Tweet this stat)
  3. 88% of educators consider themselves and the instructors at their institutions to be effective at using technology for teaching (Tweet this stat)
  4. 87% of educators consider their institution to be effective at preparing students for life beyond their K-12 education (Tweet this stat)
  5. Educators who perceive their schools and districts to be effective at preparing students for college and career readiness use their LMS more frequently (62.21% daily use) (Tweet this stat)
  6. More than 50% of educators said their school or district is 1:1, and more than half of them allow students to take devices home (Tweet this stat)
  7. In terms of hardware structure, an equal amount of educators said they either have shared device carts or 1:1 devices that students CAN take home (Tweet this stat)
  8. Almost 30% of educators who participate in a PLC find them very effective (Tweet this stat)
  9. 83% of educators who participate in PLCs think they are effective PD tools (Tweet this stat)
  10. The number of schools and districts with dedicated instructional technologists has increased nearly 10% in 2018 vs. 2017 (Tweet this stat)
  11. 22.1% of faculty have dual teaching/technology coordinator responsibilities (Tweet this stat)
  12. More than 34% of teachers consider integrating new edtech tools a top priority for the upcoming school year (Tweet this stat)
  13. 41% of educators reported that the biggest barrier to student learning is their lack of access to devices at home (Tweet this stat)
  14. 60.9% of faculty and administrators said that their school uses the same LMS for PD as they do for teaching students (Tweet this stat)
  15. About 40% of educators said that their school allowed social media for educational purposes only, while nearly 20% had an openly permitted social media policy (Tweet this stat)
  16. More than 34% of educators cite internet safety as the #1 digital citizenship concern (Tweet this stat)
  17. 37.8% of teachers stated that juggling multiple digital tools for teaching/learning was their biggest digital challenge in 2017-18 (Tweet this stat)
  18. 34.8% of teachers stated integrating new edtech tools into their classroom was their top learning priority for 2018-19 (Tweet this stat)
  19. 42.8% of admins stated that providing relevant and effective professional development was their biggest digital challenge in 2017-18 (Tweet this stat)
  20. 32% of admins said that both issues with technology infrastructure and device management were major digital learning challenges (Tweet this stat)
  21. 47.4% of admins listed providing ongoing professional development as their top learning priority for 2018-19 (Tweet this stat)
  22. 62.5% of educators’ hardware structure consists of using Chromebooks (Tweet this stat)
  23. 51.8% of educators stated that teachers at their institution use their LMS every day, compared to weekly or monthly (Tweet this stat)
  24. New teachers are more likely to use their LMS most days, while veteran teachers are more likely to use their LMS every day (Tweet this stat)
  25. Nearly 90% of educators who use an LMS believe that it’s had at least somewhat of a positive impact on the teaching and learning process (Tweet this stat)
  26. Nearly 50% of educators state that teachers at their district are using coding in the classroom, with another 33% using both game-based quests and robotics (Tweet this stat)
  27. 80.2% of educators said they were using Google Docs, Office 365 Docs, or cloud-based collaborative docs (Tweet this stat)
  28. Only 26.4% of institutions have a digital citizenship program that students are required to complete (Tweet this stat)
  29. 34% of educators view internet security as the greatest digital learning concern (Tweet this stat)
  30. Just under 40% of schools and districts allow social media use for instructional purposes only (Tweet this stat)
  31. The most common instructional practices used by educators are differentiated instruction (74%), blended learning (55%), and individualized learning (48%) (Tweet this stat)
  32. A majority (57.5%) of educators feel their institutions are only somewhat effective at supporting instructors to be successful in teaching and learning (Tweet this stat)
  33. The top three approaches to PD used by educators are periodic workshops, single session workshops, and professional learning communities (PLCs) (Tweet this stat)
  34. 46.8% of educators state that the highest level of collaboration and sharing of best practices happened among members of a department or grade-level team (Tweet this stat)
  35. 71.2% of educators participate in a PLC (Tweet this stat)
  36. The highest PLC participation by years worked in education was by those who have worked in education for 16-20 years (73.5%) (Tweet this stat)
  37. The highest PLC participation by role was by Instructors Grades 3-5 (73.9%) (Tweet this stat)
  38. 77.3% of educators stated that their institution actively encourages participation in PLCs (Tweet this stat)

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