Did You Know... Three Calendar Tips from Brad Kemp

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Bradley Kemp

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Did You Know... Three Calendar Tips from Brad Kemp

Posted in Pro Tips | September 14, 2017

While teaching Schoology to educators, I've noticed a very consistent trend: teachers love the Schoology calendar, but some of the best features in the calendar often go unnoticed.

Imagine that you have carefully crafted your lessons for the week in Schoology—each day scaffolding knowledge and skills along a personalized learning path and then... SURPRISE FIRE DRILL! Your best-laid plan is completely interrupted.

What do you do? How do you adjust?

If your answer is to go back into your course materials to continue planning, you might want to consider starting from your calendar instead. 

Calendar Tip #1: Drag and Drop to Change Due Dates

Drag and drop assignments (and other graded items) in your Schoology calendar to save time and stay organized. Editing due dates in each assignment would take forever. Instead just grab an assignment and move it to change the due date!

Calendar Tip #2: Organize with Color Codes and Filters

While you're at it, color code your calendars to quickly identify subjects and groups. If you are teaching multiple subjects, make all sections the same color for a quick reference. Notice that you can also hide or show various calendars to narrow in on specific courses or groups.

Calendar Tip #3: Create Assignments From Your Calendar

This is a pro tip that will take you from simply being organized, to being a calendar guru. Create a new assignment from your calendar (that's right: I said from your calendar) and post it directly to all your course sections. You can even set grading categories without opening a single course!

I hope you find uses for these tips as you transition back to the classroom for the new year. Don't forget that you can always learn more about the Schoology calendar and other features in the Schoology Support Center.


Do you have any calendar tips and techniques? Share them below!


Bradley Kemp
Professional Development Specialist
Schoology Inc.

Brad is a 3rd generation teacher and proud to introduce Schoology to master educators across the world on a daily basis. He works with instructional directors to develop methodical strategies for integrating technology and instruction in meaningful ways. After all, Brad lives by his mantra, Change is not an event. It is a process. 

Follow Bradley on Twitter @brdkmp and see what else he's up to on the Schoology Exchange.


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