Check Out Justin Staub's Winning Video: Meaningful Collaboration in a 1:1 Environment

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Check Out Justin Staub's Winning Video: Meaningful Collaboration in a 1:1 Environment

Posted in Community | April 22, 2013

The winner of the Best Use of Schoology for a 1:1 or BYOD Environment category in our Power User Video Contest is Justin Staub of the Downingtown STEM Academy in Downingtown, PA. Justin teaches 10th grade Pre-Diploma Civics and Government and has used Schoology for 2.5 years. His video is an excellent example of how Schoology can be utilized in a project-based 1:1 environment.

When we asked Justin if he had any advice about incorporating technology in the classroom and what his inspirations are as a teacher, he said:

"Technology is a tool to help students learn. It can help students access information and demonstrate knowledge through creation of innovative products. Educational technology works best when it is seamless—when integration is easy for both teachers and students. With less time spent on learning how to use the technology, more time can be spent on education. Schoology provides the seamless platform which allows students and teachers to interact in this way.

Student curiosity inspires me as a teacher. So much emphasis is placed on structure of schools, rules to follow, and correct ways of demonstrating knowledge that students become less curious and more task-completers. I am inspired promoting student engagement and curiosity by giving students a choice in their learning and a voice in their school. Students thirst for understanding and yearn for participation in the learning process. I am inspired by reigniting that fire with my students."

Thank you Justin!

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