Build Better Content | #SchoologyChat Recap

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Cory Klinge

Instructional Excellence Coordinator for Eden Prairie Schools, MN

Build Better Content | #SchoologyChat Recap

Posted in Community | March 02, 2017

Schoology offers a great deal of flexibility and ability to build unique content for learners. However, some of those flexible options are sometimes missed in staff development, or they may seem difficult to achieve for time-strapped educators.

The focus of February’s #SchoologyChat, hosted and moderated by the chat's co-creators Robert Schuetz (@robert_schuetz) and me (@MrKlinge), was to demonstrate that unique, engaging content is just a few clicks away and that throughout an educator’s journey to “Build Better Content on Schoology” there are thousands of other like-minded Schoology users that can help support them in their learning.

The chat was structured around two key ideas: 1) building better content and 2) how educators might use uniquely embedded content and inserted media to make engaging assignments, discussions, quizzes, and portfolio submissions. It was also rooted in the promotion and use of a Shared Resource Group collection housed within the public #SchoologyChat Group on Schoology.

Within that collection, chatters dropped unique, engaging best practice exemplars for all members of the group to examine and from which to gather inspiration for building their own content.

The Schoology Group code is GCWBC-BDBMV and all Schoology users are welcome to join. If you do so, please consider sharing your creations to the collection!

For a full look at February’s #SchoologyChat, visit the Storify. Otherwise, check out some highlights from this month’s #SchoologyChat below.

Build Better Content: Lessons from the Schoology Community

Q1: The star of tonight's show will be the Insert Content tool. Do you use it?






Q2: When building content (Discuss, Pages, Assignments, etc.) what external content are you bringing in? Embedding or linking?






Q3:Have you embedded @gsuite, @nearpod, @goformative@padlet, or @prezi items? Willing to share a screenshot or to resource group?






Q4: Have you experimented with consistent content activity labels such as learn, do, share, or read, watch, do? Please share.







Q5: Have you allowed your learners to reply to discussions with media (video, audio, other) other than just typing? Share a success.







Q6: Students have access to the "Insert Content" feature via their portfolio and blog. How might you have learners utilize these?









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