Blended Learning in Action | Dr. Will Interviews Educator and Author Tiffany Wycoff [Video]

blended learning in action
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Blended Learning in Action | Dr. Will Interviews Educator and Author Tiffany Wycoff [Video]

Posted in Evolving Ed | February 09, 2017


In this hour-long episode of the Dr. Will Show, Dr. Will interviews the K-8 Head of School at The Mandell School and co-author of Blended Learning in Action: A Practical Guide Toward Sustainable Change.

Tiffany shares her thoughts on what it really means to shift to blended learning culture, how to get teachers on board, and how to choose tools that work for you and your students. She also dispels a few common myths about blended learning and lays out some must-haves for classrooms and institutions making the blended journey.

This episode is jam-packed with smart, helpful insights that you can take with you and apply today. It is a truly powerful conversation, so enjoy!

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