A Better Way to PD: Schoology NEXT 2017's Fun, Smart Sessions (Full Agenda)

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A Better Way to PD: Schoology NEXT 2017's Fun, Smart Sessions (Full Agenda)

Posted in Schoology | May 25, 2017

What does your summer PD look like? Is it fun, exciting, professionally enriching, and personally invigorating?

The reason I ask is because Schoology NEXT is coming up soon (July 23–26) and it is arguably the best multi-day PD event of the year for Schoology users. There's no better way to learn the Schoology basics, explore advanced instructional practices, connect and collaborate with the crème de la crème of our educator community, workshop your own ideas, and earn PD credits all at the same time.

If you're ready for that, then you can register here.

I realize, however, that some of you may be more skeptical and thinking—Dylan, you work for Schoology and you're one of the speakers at NEXT. You're bias is showing. That's all true, but I'm also a content guy. And I must say, we have some killer content this year.

But don't take it from me. Take a gander at our speaker list and agenda below.

Your NEXT 2017 Session Menu

Keynote Speakers

Full Conference Breakout Session Agenda

PD Preconference


A Stellar Cast of Keynotes Speakers

We have visionaries and edtech tacticians lined up, with more to come.







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NEXT 2017 Full Agenda Complete with Breakout Sessions Led by Your Peers

Here's our full conference agenda. I'm not going to lie, I'm upset I can't see them all.



If you have a Sched account, you can RSVP for the sessions you want (*COUGH Creating Positive Change Through Great Storytelling with Bradley Kemp and me). It also gives us an idea of attendance.

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Preconference Workshops and Training with the Schoology PD Team

We will also be hosting preconference workshops and training that are run by our very own PD team. Our preconference will be held on July 23 and requires a separate ticket.

Here's what you can expect:

Schoology 101: Getting Started with the Basics

Presented by Sarah Viner and Carrie Richards

This workshop is appropriate for instructors or anyone else using Schoology who wants to gain a basic, overall understanding of the platform. Participants in this session will learn the basics of Courses, Course Materials, and Resources. A snapshot of Groups and the Schoology Gradebook is also covered. Attendees will acquire the skills and knowledge needed to begin using Schoology with students.

Session Objectives:

  • Create Schoology materials for student use.
  • Collect and evaluate student work.
  • Manage Resources.
  • Set up a basic Schoology Gradebook.
  • Create groups for communication


Building and Sharing Curriculum in Schoology

Presented by Katie Eck and Joe Vassallo

This session is designed for your organization’s curriculum or content-development team. Participants will experience the many facets of the content-building and management tools within the Schoology platform. In addition to covering Schoology Course Resources, this workshop provides an in-depth focus on how to build and organize a strategic curriculum repository, align content to learning objectives, and share content with instructors.

Session Objectives:

  • Develop both interactive and informational resources.
  • Organize curricular resources into folders and collections making use of tags, alignments, and more.
  • Manage Groups and organize Resources support the sharing of curricular resources.
  • Populate courses using shared resources.
  • Apply basic instructional-design practices while building content.
  • Incorporate Google Drive or Office 365 documents into your resources.


Learning and Leading with Schoology

Presented by Kelly Ady and Lori Collier

This session is designed for individuals who are using Schoology in a leadership position within their organization, including principals, assistant principals, curriculum specialists, and more. Participants will engage in both web and mobile versions of the platform to learn the tips and tricks to help foster leadership and promote and support the use of Schoology across the organization.

Session Objectives:

  • Create Schoology best practices across the organization.
  • Develop communication methods to maintain a connection with staff and community.
  • Establish Groups for staff collaboration.
  • Create courses for ongoing, job-embedded professional development.
  • Explore options for observation & evaluation of classroom practice.


Igniting Creative Problem Solvers Through Immersive Learning Challenges! Breakout EDU Style!

Presented by Jen Jonson and Gina Hartman

Want to add some elements of gamification, critical thinking, and problem solving to your Schoology Courses to increase learner interest and motivation? Schoology can serve as both the kit and the management tool for creating Breakout EDU challenges for your students or adult learners. Come experience a digital Breakout EDU challenge built in Schoology, and learn how to leverage Schoology tools to build and create a similar immersive learning activity.

Session Objectives:

  • Participate in an immersive learning challenge with a collaborative group.
  • Analyze gamification elements and best practices for building digital Breakout EDUs in Schoology.
  • Understand how to use all Schoology features to create and facilitate immersive learning tasks and add gamified elements to learning activities.
  • Construct a plan with a collaborative group for creating immersive learning activities using Schoology tools.


Creating Engaging Assessments in Schoology

Presented by Lori Collier and Joe Vassallo

Participants will explore strategies to create robust assessment opportunities using a variety of course materials. Attendees will create multiple assessments, including formative and summative. Join us in this engaging session to elevate your assessment practices using the Schoology platform.

Session Objectives:

  • Explore options for formative assessment within Schoology.
  • Review available Test/Quiz settings.
  • Enhance assessments using automatic feedback.
  • Incorporate audio/visual resources.
  • Create and share Question Banks.


Transforming Adult Learning and Professional Development Through Schoology

Presented by Gina Hartman and Katie Eck

Participants will dig into research-based best practices for working with adult learners (andragogy research) and use the Schoology platform to begin creating professional learning opportunities for educators. Example courses will be shared and attendees will have hands-on work time to build materials in Schoology.

Session Objectives:

  • Analyze andragogy research and best practices regarding adult learning and discuss how this can impact content creation and blended-learning strategies.
  • Compare and contrast professional learning examples built in Schoology.
  • Create interactive and engaging digital content utilizing Schoology features that is targeted to adult learners.


It's Elementary, Dear Watson: Using Schoology in the PK–5 Classroom

Presented by Sarah Viner and Carrie Richards

Participants in this hands-on workshop will experience Schoology through the lens of our youngest learners, PK-5th grade students. We will explore the many options Schoology offers for station management, individual work, and whole group instruction. The presenters will share Schoology’s best practices for course setup, sharing elementary resources, differentiated instruction, and more! Join us for an inspiring session to learn what our youngest learners are capable of when we expose them to Schoology!

Session Objectives:

  • Use the Schoology A/V Tool to enhance instruction and accommodate diverse learning styles.
  • Develop strategies for using Schoology in all major disciplines.
  • Create Schoology stations for individual and small group work.
  • Evaluate the use of Discussions, Media Albums, Assignments, and the Schoology Test/Quiz feature for use in the elementary classroom.


Supporting Schoology as a System Administrator

Presented by Alison Love and Kellie Ady

This session will focus on the nuts & bolts of the administrative side of the Schoology management console. Take a deeper dive into best practices for system setup, permissions, roles, and integrations with existing systems. Participants will come away with a solid understanding of managing the Schoology platform for their organization, and a plan for managing various system admin tasks throughout the year.

Session Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of various roles in Schoology, including how and when to create custom roles in the system.
  • Conduct an audit of Schoology permissions, with detailed explanations of what various permissions do and their impact on user functionality.
  • Learn Tips & Tricks to streamline workflows for System Administrators.
  • Explore LTI & API, including customization and possibilities for integrating Schoology with other systems.
  • Design a “maintenance” plan for ongoing management and support of the system, either for a single admin or an admin team.

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Aside from all of this, we'll be having tons of fun with small events and perks throughout the conference. So if you're wanting to spice your personal and professional development up a notch (BAM!) come to Schoology NEXT 2017. Keep in mind, the more people you bring, the more of a discount you get.

I hope to see you there.


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