Back to School Webinar: Managing Your Resources

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Back to School Webinar: Managing Your Resources

Posted in Pro Tips | September 12, 2014



Instructional resources are obviously important in education, but do you know how to manage them effectively in Schoology? Cumbersome workflows could be costing you tons of time and effort you just don't have, especially in the beginning of the year.

Take a quick look at the diagram above for an idea of the ways resources can move within Schoology. You can build, integrate, save, organize, and share your instructional resources in many ways and from many places. So the better you understand your options, the more easily you can optimize your workflows.

Our final "Back to School" webinar is an overview on the best practices of resource management. After watching it, you'll know the ins and outs of Schoology resources, and, to use an old adage from some of my favorite heroes, "Knowing is half the battle."

Best Practices for Managing Your Schoology Resources

Resource Management from Schoology on Vimeo.

Webinar Highlights and Topics

The following are topics featured in this webinar that you may be particularly interested in. The time next to each corresponds with where the topic is discussed in the video.

  • What are Resources in Schoology? [1:50]
  • Courses vs Groups vs Resources [4:44]
  • Organizing, Sharing, and Reusing Resources [6:00]
  • Building Resources [12:00]
  • In-Platform Walkthrough of the Resources Area [13:35]
  • How to Save Courses to Resources [14:55]
  • Organizing and Adding to Saved Course Content [17:34]
  • Sharing and Collaborating with Others [21:00]
  • Adding Resources to Courses [33:09]
  • Search Optimization: Adding Meta Data and Tagging Your Resources [37:30]
  • Public Resources [41:43]
  • Building Question Banks [44:34]
  • Creating Collections of Learning Objectives [47:18]

Webinar Q&A

Below is a list of great questions we received during this webinar along with their answers:

  • Can you copy materials from one year to another using the copy feature? Or do you need to save your materials to Resources first and then bring them into the other course? 
    You always have options. You can copy an entire section of a course to preserve materials, grade settings, etc. But if you don't want to reuse everything in your previous course, you can copy it to Resources and then bring the items you want into another course. For more details, check out this Help Center article.
  • Can you use the Share feature in Resources to share content with students, or is that in another area of Schoology?
    Yes, you can Share resource collections with students from within Resources, but we recommend that you instead make materials available to students within their courses or groups. For more information, see this Help Center article.
  • Are categories and grading scales saved into Resources? 
    No. Copying items to Resources only takes the content and learning objectives, it does not copy anything in regards to grading.

If you have any questions that were not addressed here, you can always find tons of video guides and help docs in our Support Center.

More Webinars Coming Your Way!

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