Back to School Webinar: Learning Objectives, Rubrics, and Mastery

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Back to School Webinar: Learning Objectives, Rubrics, and Mastery

Posted in Pro Tips | September 03, 2014

Quality assessment is the cornerstone of effective teaching and learning. The public often thinks of assessment as tests, quizzes, and other forms of knowlege demonstration, but you know that test results don't mean anything unless you also have an "assessment blueprint"—the standard by which you can interpret all that performance data.

My question to you is: do you know how to use Schoology for measuring and interpreting student performance?

The webinar below is your guide to understanding learning objectives (standards), rubrics, and mastery analytics in the Schoology platform. After you watch it (and its predecessor on How to Set Up Your Gradebook) you'll have what you need to assess your students effectively.

Working with Learning Objectives, Rubrics, and Mastery

Working with Learning Objectives, Rubrics and Mastery from Schoology on Vimeo.

Webinar Highlights and Topics

The following are topics featured in this webinar that you may be particularly interested in. The time next to each corresponds with where the topic is discussed in the video.

  • What are Learning Objectives? [2:05]
  • What are Rubrics? [5:03]
  • What is Mastery? [7:15]
  • Aligning Learning Objectives and Alignment Rubrics in Schoology [8:52]
  • How to Align Content to Standards [13:15]
  • How to Create Custom Learning Objective Lists [18:59]
  • Aligning Content to Custom Learning Objectives [20:23]
  • Creating and Using Alignment Rubrics [24:33]
  • How Learning Objective Alignments Work in Tests and Quizzes [32:25]
  • Using Schoology's Student Mastery Tools [37:30]
  • Setting Up Your Mastery Dashboard [40:00]
  • Summary: Standards, Rubrics, and Mastery in Schoology [52:05]

Webinar Q&A

Below is a list of great questions we received during this webinar along with their answers: 

  • I see you have to type in the changes every time on a rubric for adding a column, but if you change wording in rubric—i.e., change satisfactory to proficient—do you have to type in every box every time?
    Yes. Currently when creating Alignment Rubrics, if you make changes to the default rubric values or wording, you will need to make them each time. We are working on making some enhancements to rubrics to help with this in the future.
  • Can students see how they are doing on standards? 
    Yes. When they access their courses they can find how they are doing under the Mastery option in the left navigation.
  • Is there a report or a way to see what standards are covered in a specific course?
    A teacher can pull a report for students showing what standards are covered, but at this time, there is not an administrative report.
  • If a student gets 9 out of 12 in your rubric, will that automatically convert to a letter or numeric grade or do teachers need to convert and enter this into the quarter grade section?
    Schoology will automatically convert the grade based on the scale that has been set up for the category and grading term grades.

If you have any questions that were not addressed here, you can always find tons of video guides and help docs in our Support Center.

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