Back to School Webinar: How to Set Up Your Gradebook

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Back to School Webinar: How to Set Up Your Gradebook

Posted in Pro Tips | August 22, 2014

Your gradebook is like a building. It's the result of an intricate framework of assignments, quizzes, and other graded items all fit together into a single structure—an aggregated snapshot of learning. And just like any framework, the way each piece fits together carries as much importance as the pieces themselves.

So as you come back to school and design your courses and content, it is worthwhile to examine how your course design will translate into an accurate measurement of student learning. The webinar below will help you do just that.

Our latest back to school webinar illuminates the various ways you can set up your gradebook to achieve your specific assessment goals. Afterwards, you'll be able to record grades with confidence in the new school year. 

Grade Setup Review

Grade Setup Review from Schoology on Vimeo.

Webinar Highlights and Topics

The following are topics featured in this webinar that you may be particularly interested in. The time next to each corresponds with where the topic is discussed in the video.

  • Deciding Whether to Use the Schoology Gradebook or Not [1:36]
  • Grading Periods [3:12]
  • Grade Setup Components [5:12]
  • Grade Setup Area Overview [6:07]
  • Dive Into the Grade Setup Area [10:26]
  • Add and Edit Grading Scales [11:08]
  • Add and Edit Grading Rubrics [17:50]
  • Add Grading Categories [18:56]
  • Weight Grading Categories [22:00]
  • Setting Up Grading Periods and Final Weights [23:01]
  • Final Grade Settings [25:15]
  • Using Letter Grade Scales [27:30]
  • Using (4) Point Scales [35:30]
  • Using Rubrics [40:48]
  • Things to Consider When Teaching Elementary [50:48]
  • The PowerSchool Teacher App [51:37]
  • The SunGard Teacher App [52:53]
  • Conclusion Summary [53:57]

Webinar Q&A

Below is a list of great questions we received during this webinar along with their answers: 

  • If we already created our assignments and tests and we are now setting up our Gradebook, will they show up?
    Once you setup your Gradebook you will need to go into the graded items you created in Schoology beforehand and edit them. Make sure you select a Grading Category. You may also have to expand the Grading Options area to select the appropriate Grading Period for the Assignment. You can also adjust the Scale at this point, but if you switch your scale from percentage to points, you may need to look at re-entering scores if you don’t like how the system converts them to the point values. If you adjust from a Scale to a Rubric you will want to re-enter scores so they are rubric values.
  • What is the best way to set up a point system such as a 4 Point Scale or 7 Point IB Scale?
    You can set up a Scale based on points with 1-4 or 1-7. Just keep in mind that you will not get a letter grade if you use this for the Final Grade. It will instead be 1-4 or 1-7. If you are only using it on occasion you might want to consider having a category weighted “0” for all your rubric scores and then setting one or more other categories with weights using a standard percentage scale.

  • Do the points in a Rubric match to a percent?
    No, they don’t match up. Standard math is used to calculate them as a percent. If your assignment category aligns with a percentage scale but you used a 4 point Rubric to give a student a 3 out of 4 on an assignment, it would be treated as a 75%. If you are using total points on your category it will us the 3.

  • Can I mix points with rubrics in the same grading category?
    Yes, but be careful! You will want to check out how the math is being calculated as you are mixing them. You may want to consider separate categories for rubric scored items and points/percentage graded items.

If you have any questions that were not addressed here, you can always find tons of video guides and help docs in our Support Center.

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