Ask the Schoology Ambassadors: Why Attend Schoology NEXT?

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Ask the Schoology Ambassadors: Why Attend Schoology NEXT?

Posted in Schoology | April 27, 2015

Top Six Reasons to Attend NEXT 2015

  1. Visionary Keynotes—Tap into the brilliance of visionary keynotes and thought leadership.
  2. Sessions Galore—Choose from a variety of sessions on the following topics: Leadership, 1:1, BYOD and Mobile Learning, Integrating Technology and Content, and What's NEXT? Hot Topics in Education.
  3. Peer Collaboration—Develop effective strategies and best practices by collaborating with other innovative educators and technology experts from across the world.
  4. Professional Networking—Build lasting relationships and fill your personal learning network with some of the best and brightest educators around.
  5. Schoology Best Practices—Attend hands-on workshops led by the Schoology Team that will help you get the most out of Schoology long after the conference ends.
  6. Fun and Buzz—Join in the fun of high-spirited company, food and cocktail events, and much more in the vibrant atmosphere of downtown Chicago.

Interested yet? We clearly think the Schoology NEXT User Conference is amazing, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Here are some of our Schoology Ambassadors sharing what they enjoyed the most about last year’s Schoology NEXT User Conference and why they think you should go this year:

Why Attend Schoology NEXT?

"I've been to many educational conferences over the years (some tech-focused, some not), but I have to say that Schoology's 2014 NEXT conference made me feel valued as an educator like no other conference I’ve attended. The keynote speakers (Alan November and Jennie Magiera) were absolutely fantastic, the sessions were relevant and practical, and the Schoology staff went out of their way to make us feel not only appreciated but integral to their team. They've set the bar pretty high, and I can't wait to see what's NEXT for 2015."  

-Kellie Ady, District Instructional Technology Coordinator, Cherry Creek School District, Colorado. Schoology User for 1-3 years.

"Schoology NEXT was a life changing event for me. First of all, the conference was extremely classy and extremely well planned. Secondly, Schoology put their faith in me and empowered me to present. It was an honor. Finally, I was able to connect and collaborate with many talented professionals, and I formed lasting friendships and collaborations. Simply put, it's the finest educational conference I've ever attended."

-Cory Klinge, Ed Tech Specialist, School District of River Falls, Wisconsin. Schoology User for 1-3 years.

"NEXT 2014 was an amazing experience—thought-provoking keynotes, interactive sessions, glimpses of future platform improvements, and the opportunity to network with amazing educators. The enthusiasm of the global community and the spirit of genuine collaboration left me recharged and inspired. Looking for an experience that will inspire, engage, and ignite that fire? Whether you're looking for classroom ideas, professional development strategies, or collaborators for your digital learning revolution, NEXT 2015 is the place to be."

-Michael League, Instructional Technology Specialist, Indian River School District, Delaware. Schoology User for 1-3 years.

"The Schoology NEXT Conference was one of the best conferences I attended last year! I learned so many things. Some of my favorites included: easier ways to communicate to parents and the community through Schoology, how to create more intentional and engaging student discussions on Schoology, and how to get more out of the different Schoology tools—specifically pages vs. assignments. There are so many more things I could name, which is why I am dying to come back this year!"

-Nichole Carter, Teacher and Technology Coach, Neil Armstrong Middle School, Forest Grove School District, Oregon. Schoology User for 1-3 years.

"I really enjoyed the Schoology NEXT 2014 conference for several reasons, the primary one being seeing all the wonderful Schoology staff in person as well as meeting several of my PLN folks in person whom I had been interacting with on Schoology discussions. The keynotes were absolutely fantastic. The new features revealed by the Schoology team were exciting and something to look forward to. The positive energy at the conference was infectious. The goody bag was brilliant (my daughter loves the lunch box and we all vie to get the portable charger). I am sure I am forgetting something but the last thing I want to state is that I thoroughly enjoyed the personalization effort that each Schoology team member put into making the conference a grand success."

-Smita Kolhatkar, Educational Technology TOSA, Barron Park/Palo Alto Unified School District, California. Schoology User for 3+ years.

"To me, Schoology NEXT-14 was a celebration featuring an enthusiastic, supportive community of learners. The Curtis Hotel in Denver provided a terrific backdrop to one of the best conference experiences I've ever had. Did I mention thick-sliced bacon on the breakfast buffet?!? The sessions were interesting, the keynotes were inspirational, and all of the little details were top-notch. As Smita mentioned, one of the best aspects of NEXT-14 was being able to learn and socialize with so many of my Schoology friends. Schoology relationships are special! Don't believe me?!? Meet us in Chicago for NEXT-15 to find out for yourself. #LearningTogether"

-Robert Schuetz, Technology Coordinator, Palatine High School-Township HS District 211, Illinois. Schoology User for 3+ years.

"If you're looking for an immersive experience to learn an incredible edtech tool, deepen your understanding of that tool, connect with other users, and get inspiration for new ideas, Schoology's NEXT conference is the place. Schoology NEXT 2014 gave participants just that kind of experience. The keynotes and sessions helped deepen users' understanding of Schoology and provided great inspiration for further use and implementation of Schoology features. As with any gathering of professionals, NEXT offers great opportunities to connect with users, form new connections, and continue to network and grow our professional learning network. Join us in Chicago for Schoology's NEXT 2015 to participate in this wonderful professional development."

-Joe Young, 5th Grade Teacher and Tech Lead, Palo Alto Unified School District, California. Schoology User for 1-3 years.

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