Ask the Schoology Ambassadors: Why should you apply for the Schoology Ambassador Program?

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Ask the Schoology Ambassadors: Why should you apply for the Schoology Ambassador Program?

Posted in Community | October 03, 2016

With only one week left to apply for the 2016-2017 Schoology Ambassador Program, some of you in the community who are interested may be on the fence and want to learn more. We thought the best way for you to get feedback on the program is to hear it directly from our Ambassadors.

So, Ambassadors, why should someone apply for the Schoology Ambassador Program?

Robert Schuetz | @robert_schuetz

Technology Coordinator, Township High School District 211, IL

“If your professional goals include developing your leadership capacity, connecting with other educators, and growing as a learner, then the time is right for you to apply to become a Schoology Ambassador!”

Cristina Toflinski | @MrsToflinski 

English Teacher/School Public Relations, Northwood Local Schools, OH

“I would highly recommend that anyone who is passionate about Schoology and education apply to be a Schoology Ambassador. As an Ambassador, one is able to connect with an amazing group of educators who are all working towards bettering education and trying new and innovative teaching techniques with the use of Schoology. As an Ambassador, one's professional learning community grows and allows for collaboration with people from all over the world.”

Josh Ornelas | @AppleTechGuru10

Director of Technology, St. Anthony High School, CA

“Becoming a Schoology Ambassador has been an amazing experience that has opened a whole new network of learning. The collaboration amongst the Ambassadors is unprecedented and I enjoy learning from them all because the wealth of knowledge that they have is spectacular! “

Joe Young | @Jyoung1219

Math Teacher, Palo Alto Unified School District, CA

“We are not meant to be islands in education. Being a Schoology Ambassador connects you with outstanding educators throughout the country. These connections definitely help you learn, grow, develop professionally, stay on the cutting edge of new educational initiatives, learn about the incredible power of Schoology for personalized learning, and more. Being a part of the Schoology Ambassador group is a wonderful example of being #BetterTogether.”

Dustin Andrus | @BTEdTech

Regional Instructional Technology PD Specialist, Broome Tioga Boces / NYSCATE, NY

“The best part of the Ambassador program is the connections you make with other innovative Schoology users. I think the reason everyone gets into this field is because they enjoy helping people and ambassadors [are] people who are willing to give time to problem solve and think through impactful uses of Schoology.”

Natasha Monsaas-Daly | @TashaRTW44

English Teacher, Eden Prairie High School, MN

“The greatest benefit to being an ambassador is the PLN! Personally, I have learned and grown in so many ways, not just in terms of Schoology, but education in general. Being a Schoology Ambassador creates an instant connection to so many like-minded and passionate educators. As a result of this connection, there is always someone to connect with and collaborate with regarding Schoology. Being an ambassador also gives you an opportunity to help other Schoology users. We can only get better together!”

David Kalk | @DavidKalk

Instructional Technology Coach, Spartanburg County School District Five, SC

“Becoming a Schoology Ambassador was an ideal way for me to grown my PLN. I was able to connect with other Schoologists around the world and see how they are implementing Schoology in their schools.”

Smita Kolhatkar | @SKolhatkar

Educational Technology TOSA, Palo Alto Unified School District, CA

“[The] reasons are many, but the most important reason to me is that you get to interact and connect with several like-minded, passionate Ed Tech educators from various institutions.”

Those are just a few responses from the current group. For more information, reach out to our Ambassadors on Twitter. Just don't forget to use #SchoologyAMB.

And remember, it’s not too late to expand your Personal Learning Network and collaborate with your fellow Schoology power users. Apply for the 2016-2017 Schoology Ambassador Program by Friday, October 7.


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