Ask the Schoology Ambassadors: Why Should Someone Attend Schoology NEXT?

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Ask the Schoology Ambassadors: Why Should Someone Attend Schoology NEXT?

Posted in Community | May 27, 2016

Schoology Ambassadors are passionate, engaged, and knowledgeable leaders who are the voice of our community. In the Ask the Schoology Ambassadors blog series, we pose a question to the group that appeals to their collective expertise.

In this installment of "Ask the Schoology Ambassadors," we asked the Ambassadors to share their #1 reason why someone should attend our Schoology NEXT 2016 user conference.

Joe Young | @Jyoung1219

Math and STEAM Coach

Palo Alto Unified School District, CA

"Being in the company of amazing educators dedicated to enriching the lives of students and their educational system is the #1 reason to attend Schoology NEXT. Having attended NEXT 2014 and 2015, the professional dialogue and connections around edtech is invaluable to me and my colleagues. You will definitely leave with an abundance of ideas, resources, and a larger professional learning network."

Melissa Stanton | @apptasticteach

Intervention Specialist / iPad Teacher

Liberty Benton Middle School, OH

"I cannot wait for Schoology NEXT! I look forward to meeting people who are like minded. I hope that people would be willing to share their expertise and help me broaden the experiences that I am trying to create within my classroom. I'm also presenting to share what changes have occurred since I started using Schoology in my classroom."

Robert Schuetz | @robert_schuetz

Technology Coordinator

Palatine High School, THSD-211, IL

"Is it important to YOU to make friends? Is it important for YOU to be a lifelong learner? Is it important for YOU to grow professionally? Is it important for YOU to have fun? If YOU answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you've just identified the best reason(s) to attend Schoology NEXT 2016."

Erin Schiller | @ESM_Erin

Instructional Excellence Coordinator

Eden Prairie Schools, MN

"I have three reasons why I think someone should attend Schoology NEXT! The first one, is to connect with fellow Schoology educators and leaders to collaborate on ideas and leave with a basket filled with tips, tricks, and ideas to spark your next level of learning and leading with Schoology. The second reason is to explore new and innovative ways that Schoology is empowering the learners of tomorrow in each of our classrooms. Lastly, the third reason I would encourage a user to attend Schoology NEXT is to build up your understanding of the in's and out's of Schoology so you have a well rounded view of the power it has for students, teachers, and all groups of faculty in your system to have access to learning and collaborating anywhere, anytime, and in any place."

Brian Green | @bkgreenus

Online Professional Learning Specialist

Falcon School District 49, CO

At every Schoology NEXT conference I have created important relationships and connections with other Schoology users around the country and with members of the Schoology support team. In addition, the keynote speakers at both Schoology NEXT conferences, Jennie Magiera, Alan November, Fareed Zakaria, and Ken Shelton each shared inspirational, as well as, powerful messages about the future of technology in education. I am really looking forward to the Schoology NEXT 2016 keynote speaker, Bill Nye the Science Guy. Finally, the information and ideas I received at breakout sessions have made profound differences in how Schoology is used throughout our school district.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and see what connections, learning opportunities, and inspiration await you. Register for Schoology NEXT 2016 today.

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