Ask the Schoology Ambassadors 2018: Why should you apply for the Schoology Ambassador Program?

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Ask the Schoology Ambassadors 2018: Why should you apply for the Schoology Ambassador Program?

Posted in Community | September 18, 2018

Ambassador applications are open, but the deadline of October 1st is quickly approaching. Still not sure if you want to apply? We thought the best way for you to get feedback on the program is to hear it directly from our Ambassadors.

So, Ambassadors, why should someone apply for the Schoology Ambassador Program?


Jeremy Mahoney | Director of Instruction Technology at Springfield Platteview Community Schools | @Jeremy_RMahoney

“Becoming a Schoology Ambassador gives you a direct communication line to Schoology. It's amazing being able to connect with experts in the field, giving recommendations on LMS improvements, and just witnessing all the creative ideas that you can bring to your district.”


Stephen Rao | Computer Teacher at Ramtown Elementary School | @sterao8

“When you become a Schoology Ambassador, you are in this PLN that continues to evolve even outside of Schoology.”


Hope Elliot | Instruction Technology Coach at Lowndes County School District | @techie_teacher1

“It is one of the most powerful PLN's there is. It is a great resource for anyone using Schoology. People are generous with their information and their willingness to help. You will not find a more motivated and caring group.”


Kelli Gerhardt | Computer/Instructional Technology Coordinator at Spartanburg District 5 Schools | @missgkelli

“Being able to network with other Schoology Ambassadors on ideas, programs, and ways to implement Schoology in the classroom and district is the best part!”


Brian Bruggeman | Band Instructor at Monroe Middle School | @bruggsb

“Becoming a Schoology Ambassador was truly a "you don't know, what you don't know moment" in my career. While I was comfortable using the platform in my daily practice, I did not know where to turn to take my practice to the next level. As an Ambassador, you truly get your mind blown away by some of the most talented educators in the world. Also, you get to be a student in a course, allowing you to see what your students see. This is truly one of the best decisions I have ever made professionally.”


Melissa Riggs |District Education Technology Specialist-Instruction at District 49 | @RiggsRealWorld

“The Schoology Ambassador program is a fun-loving group who is knowledgeable about actually using Schoology. Each Ambassador is more than willing to share their ideas and expertise with anyone who asks!”


Mary Elizabeth Lubeskie | Coordinator of Online Learning & Technology Integration at Manheim Central School District | @LizLubeskie

“The Schoology Ambassador Program has advanced my uses of Schoology, expanded my PLC (exponentially), and has given me a voice to help Schoology improve for all students, at every level!”


Michael Cabral | Teacher at Cincinnati Public Schools | @Cabralme

“You should apply to the Schoology Ambassador Program to increase access to educators from around the world! You learn more by surrounding yourself with others!”


Rod Kirby | Academic Dean at Cherokee Christian School | @kirbyeducation

“The Ambassadors are a great PLC! I have learned a tremendous amount from them, because these are the ones who are committed to using Schoology to its fullest.”


Janelle Hermann | Technology Integrationist at Chisago Lakes School District | @JHermann_tech

“Come for the swag, stay for the PLN! It is so wonderful to be part of a knowledgeable group who will bend over backward to help you troubleshoot or brainstorm or just brighten your day!”


Jo Patton | eLearning Developer at Archbishop of York Youth Trust | @ABYyouthtrust

“Being part of a wider education community allows you feel less isolated as a practitioner. So much of education feels about being checked or standardized however being a community of other educators who are passionate about their jobs brings you back to the core and heart of your job.”


Nancy Rivas | Educational Technology Curriculum Specialist at Paramount Unified School District | @MsRivasPUSD

"Being part of the Schoology Ambassador program has allowed me the opportunity to interact and network with individuals who, like me, are in a Schoology system admin role at their district/school site and this has allowed me to get advice and tips on how to approach certain Schoology related concerns."


Don't forget to apply for the 2018-2019 Schoology Ambassador Program by Monday, October 1!


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