The Art of Lifelong Learning at an International Scale

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The Art of Lifelong Learning at an International Scale

Posted in Community | January 28, 2016

For Colegio Inglés, an international school in Monterrey, education not only crosses national borders, but also surpasses traditional tactics that have limited curriculum in the past. Their mission is to foster innovative teaching and technology practices to achieve success in an increasingly intercultural society.

Isaac Pineda, the Education Technology Coach for Colegio Inglés, has helped turn this mission into a reality.

Boosting Communication and Collaboration

For the last three years, Colegio Inglés has incorporated Schoology into its instructional strategy, and Isaac has been at the forefront of that movement. "I have used it as a learning hub to manage transformational content," he explains, "to spur innovative discussions, and to lead collaboration among faculty and students."

That collaboration is essential to the development of Colegio Inglés’ curriculum. It is a mixture of bilingual education, project-based learning, and Teaching for Understanding, making it all the more important to have effective communication and sharing on a regular basis.

Passion Meets Progress

Isaac believes that using Schoology as "a means to promote a shift in the teacher's role, from that of a lecturer to that of a facilitator, mentor, and guide of student learning," has been key to his school’s success. He adds, "I've promoted Schoology as a means to achieve deeper learning by placing the responsibility and passion for learning in students' hands."

Isaac’s hope is that this shift of responsibility will not only help keep students engaged but also encourage lifelong learning. With this goal in mind, the faculty at Colegio Inglés will have a positive impact that ripples out beyond the classroom and throughout the rest of their students' lives.

Isaac Pineda
Tech Ed Coach
Colegio Inglés, Monterrey 
Educator of the Year Finalist

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