The Art of Giving Every Student the Tools for Success

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The Art of Giving Every Student the Tools for Success

Posted in Community | January 21, 2016

Alyssa Parish is an educator at SouthWest Edgecombe High School in Pinetops, a small town located in the heart of eastern North Carolina. With three history courses to teach, Alyssa has a very busy schedule, but Schoology has helped tremendously.

Being in Many Places at Once

“I work in a low-income area,” Alyssa explains. “Before Schoology, communicating with students and providing them an opportunity to learn and work outside the physical classroom was nearly impossible, unless you provided the student with paper binders and books.”

With students learning in both alternative environments and in the traditional classroom, Alyssa provides several ways for students to stay on top of their work. And with Schoology, she can finally put everything in one place.

“Both groups are able to receive instruction that is equal in quality,” she says. “My students love it.”

The Secret to Her Success

Schoology provides Alyssa with the digital space to upload learning modules filled with teaching videos and supplemental resources. This grants her the ability to create bell-ringers, checks for understanding, and pose quick-write prompts to assess student comprehension.


“These modules allow me to serve as a facilitator of learning rather than a talking head,” Alyssa explains, “and my students benefit because they are receiving one-to-one instruction and at their pace.”

Leveling the Playing Field for All Students

Having these resources online also provide Alyssa with peace of mind in the event that she or a student can’t make it to class. And with educational modules always available, students can stay up to date, helping them and Alyssa to keep on track.

“These modules allow me to differentiate content for students with 504 plans or Individualized Education plans without being obvious about it,” she explains, “something I found very hard to do before Schoology.”

This empowers those students because they feel equal in the learning process, while allowing for more in-depth guidance for those who need it.

“They see that they aren’t any different from their classmates,” Alyssa says. “I’ve also noticed that these students with individualized modules are more inclined to ask questions and seek help when they don’t understand or know how to do something.”

More Rewarding Interactions

While she has a heavy workload, Alyssa loves her job and relishes the opportunity to help students explore their passions.

“This interaction, made available because of Schoology, has made my life as a teacher that much more rewarding.”

Alyssa Parrish
History Teacher
SouthWest Edgecombe High School
Educator of the Year Finalist

Written by Philip Charles Stephens

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