Are You Ready for Mobile Grading Rubrics: Schoology iOS App v2.6

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Are You Ready for Mobile Grading Rubrics: Schoology iOS App v2.6

Posted in Schoology | August 09, 2013

Are you the type of educator who values being able to manage your classroom on the go? Do you skillfully weave mobile technologies into your daily routine, commanding your digital world during meals, workouts, and commutes? Well, you might want to sit down, because v2.6 of our iOS mobile app has something you might enjoy ... a lot.

Mobile Grading Rubrics

That's right: you now have the power of rubrics in that sleek, little handheld device sitting in your pocket or your bag. And although creating, editing, and attaching rubrics to graded items are still functions reserved for the web platform, using rubrics to grade your students' submissions anytime, anywhere could completely change how much time you spend behind a computer. More sun and fresh air definitely aren't a bad thing!

Let's take look at some of the highlights.

Rubrics Assignment Dropbox

While in the assignment dropbox, you'll see a similar screen as before; one that showcases which students have submitted their work, how many times, and their grade. If a rubric was attached to the assignment, you'll see those colorful squares next to the grade. Once you select a student it will look something like this:

You'll notice that you can:

  1. view your student's submissions.
  2. slide the rating right and left if you have more than four rating levels.
  3. leave comments based on the students mastery of each criterion.
  4. override the rating by typing it in.
  5. leave a comment based on the entire assignment.
  6. view the details of a criterion as shown below.


Rubrics in the Gradebook

From your mobile Gradebook, you'll notice a different look with most of the same functionality. You won't be able to view your students' submissions or posts, but you are able to grade multiple items faster and more effectively.


Other updates to our free iOS mobile app v2.6 include:

  • This release is optimized for devices running iOS 6.0 and above.
  • Significant performance improvements
  • Improvements to uploading photos and videos


Download v2.6 Here


That's it for now, but you can bet more will be coming soon! Check out our new mobile rubrics and, if you'd like, let us know what you think. We are always interested in your thoughts. If you have any questions, please direct them to our Support Team via our community forum.

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