Accessibility and End of Year Reflections: May's Double Feature #SchoologyChat Recap

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Cory Klinge

Instructional Excellence Coordinator for Eden Prairie Schools, MN

Accessibility and End of Year Reflections: May's Double Feature #SchoologyChat Recap

Posted in Community | May 31, 2017

This May’s #SchoologyChat was a jam-packed, hour-long session split into two topics—accessibility and end of year reflections.

The first half hour focused primarily on how educators are utilizing Schoology’s features and applications to make learning more accessible to all learners. Tara Amsterdam (@TaraAmsterdam) led the discussion and shared built-in features and hidden gems of the Schoology platform such as text modification and language conversion that open up the platform to everyone. There discussion also extended to what tools could be used in harmony with the platform to further adapt content to the needs of learners.

In the second half hours, Rachel Murat (@MrsMurat) pivoted the conversation away from accessibility to reflect on the end of the school year. This topic included proposing new uses for Schoology’s platform, sharing successes from the current school year, and planning for next year.

Check out some highlights from this month’s chat below, starting with Tara Amsterdam leading the first few questions on Accessibility:

Two Chat Topics: Accessibility in Learning and End of Year Reflections

Q1: What is the schoology feature do you use the most to ensure students can access your course content?



The feature he's referring to is call "Tool Tips."

Q2: What tip would you give someone just starting to consider accessibility in their instructional design?






Q3: What do you consider when building in Schoology to ensure the content is accessible for all?




At this point, the conversation switched topics to an end of school year reflection led by Rachel Murat.

Q4: What new way did you use Schoology this year with staff, students or parents?






Q5: What Schoology usage/feature would you shout about from the mountaintop?






Q6: What is a Schoology something that you are excited about implementing next year?






As you can see, there was a great deal of excitement and buzz surrounding recent announcements for Schoology's upcoming enhanced Google Drive integration, its enhanced Microsoft Office 365 integration, and new enhanced question types for assessments. Schoology chatters were also more than willing to offer up their own ideas for future enhancements which is one of the incredibly awesome things about the chat—it’s a vibrant community of ideas! Finally, we enjoyed a great deal of side conversations about this summer’s Schoology NEXT user conference, which promises to be the best conference yet, and users are fired up about attending!



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