Refresh, Reset, and Restart: Back-to-School #SchoologyChat Recap

School of Fish—Refresh, Reset, and Restart: Back-to-School #SchoologyChat Recap
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Refresh, Reset, and Restart: Back-to-School #SchoologyChat Recap

Posted in Community | August 17, 2017

It’s August and you know what that means. The start of the new school year is just around the corner. Our #SchoologyChat community thought it would be best to revisit  a favorite topic, back to school, or what we affectionately call #BackToSchoology.

As you know, #SchoologyChat meets virtually on the first Tuesday of the month at 8:00pm CT. The August 1st, #BackToSchoology edition, wasn’t lacking for passion or energy as folks from around the country shared their summer learning, as well as, plans for the coming school year.

Participants who attended this summer’s NEXT conference in Chicago were still buzzing about this amazing event. Others mentioned summer travel and adventure and spending time with friends and family. There was widespread agreement the summer break is valued time for recharging our batteries and sharpening our saws, engaging in personal and professional learning.

We kicked off our back-to-school discussion by sharing ideas of how we were planning to use Schoology to get our students’ parents more involved with school activities. Parent nights, parent workshops, and strategies for activating parent accounts were suggested strategies. It’s evident our community of educators thinks parent involvement is a key piece in the effort to enhance student learning.

Day one of school, educators using Schoology are getting their students right into the digital learning arena, creating portfolios, posting to media albums, and engaging students in online discussions. Several participants mentioned using games and gamification techniques to engage students from the very beginning. Lauren Paddick uses BreakoutEDU to create movement, interaction, and camaraderie.

It’s obvious our chat participants care about making learning more personalized to the student. Many use Schoology to differentiate instruction and assessment. Another popular sentiment was putting an emphasis on social connection and relationship building in the classroom. There is widespread interest in providing meaningful feedback to students using Schoology features such as Mastery.

Schoology opens the door to more teacher collaboration. Our chat participants were in universal agreement, the Schoology learning community is integral to their professional growth, and an important component of personal learning. Schoology Groups, shared Resources, and social media connections were mentioned as being very supportive of learning with a professional learning network.

Schoology users are excited about the enhanced Google Drive/Office 365 integration. Digital workflow has become more efficient and effective for teachers and students with the release of this feature. Several participants mentioned Schoology’s new Test/Quiz item types arriving later this fall. Assessments will become more interesting and engaging when students can interact with the content and evaluation tools.

You go to hand it to our #SchoologyChat community members, they are always sharing ideas to enhance the LMS experience for teachers and students. Everyone’s looking forward to starting the year off right. Schoology helps educators gain efficiency in distributing content, enhancing communication, and building relationships. This allows teachers to focus on the individual needs of each learner. What a team!

The 2017-2018 school year stands to be one our best yet! Details shared in our most recent chat can be found in this Storify archive. A few of the highlights are below.

Once again, the next edition of #SchoologyChat happens on Tuesday, September 5th. Our topic will be determined by the guest moderators. We hope to see everyone there. We also hope you and your students enjoy a great start to the school year!

Refresh, Reset, and Restart: Back-to-School #Schoology Chat Recap

Question 1: Research Says Parent Involvement Correlates to Academic Achievement. How do You Use Schoology to Engage Parents in Their Child's Learning?







Question 2: Please Share a Favorite #BackToSchoology Technique or Activity







Question 3: What Best Practices of EDU are You Hoping to Enhance Using Schoology in the 2017–2018 School Year?







Question 4: EDU Change Can Reflect Global Advances. How Does Schoology Help You Grow Personally and Professionally?







Question 5: Schoology is Growing and Changing Too. Which Enhancements are You Most Looking Forward to Trying in 17–18?







Question 6: How Have You Recharged Your Batteries This Summer? Share a Story and/or Maybe a Picture!








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