9 Benefits of A District-Wide LMS Implementation

Check out some benefits of having a district-wide LMS
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9 Benefits of A District-Wide LMS Implementation

Posted in Schoology | May 03, 2019

Educators love the idea of students taking ownership of their learning. But, many are unaware of how to embark on this journey while still maintaining order and holding onto the reins. For many schools and districts, the adoption of a district-wide learning management system (LMS) has been the ideal solution.

With an LMS, not only do students have access to personalized and differentiated learning, a repository for their own work and resources, and unlimited access to curriculum and content from anywhere, but teachers get the added benefits of more flexibility in the classroom, being connected to colleagues across the district, and much more.

Those are just some of the many benefits of adopting a district-wide LMS. Check out a more detailed list below.

1. Students receive the same experience from K through 12

Once a district adopts an LMS across all grade levels, students are immediately introduced to the platform from a young age. The consistency of the classroom experience and teacher engagement allows for students to become a true part of the broader district community through communication in one place.

2.  Streamlined communication to parents of students from all grade levels

Parents become partners in educating their children. Both parents and students know what is happening in the classroom and can access student progress making parents and students feel more connected to the school as a whole. There is also less confusion among parents with multiple children. When you have multiple children, it is very difficult to remember which system to check for which child, which could lead to low parent engagement. If all children are using the same LMS, it is easier to manage and check in.

3. Providing one solution allows the districts technical and PD teams to focus on one tool with end users

Providing the appropriate level of supporting for district technology is imperative if there is going to be successful adoption of any new platform or teaching practice. By supporting one system, internal district teams can focus on ensuring that ongoing training is provided, technical configuration is catered to the district’s needs, and that internal support teams are not spread too thin.

4. Standardized and streamlined data collection and analysis

With your district using one LMS, you have access to a ton of data, so decisions can be based off of prior data and student feedback, and used to improve things in the upcoming years.

5. Enabling collaboration among educators at scale

Having one platform makes it possible to share and access resources and content district wide. This allows educators to work more cohesively and collaborate about different approaches and ideas all because they are using the same platform and will have the same experiences.

6. Students are able to take ownership of their own learning

Students can check their grades, access assignments from anywhere, and stay on top of their work with an LMS. This makes it easier for students to feel responsible and a sense of ownership for their school work, because they are in charge of checking in on updates, announcements, due dates, etc.

7. Ability to differentiate instruction and provide personalized learning

Many districts have a very diverse array of student needs. With an LMS like Schoology, teachers meet students where they are (Ex: Using quizzes and assessments to measure student needs and individually assigning lessons to best meet those needs).

8. District has a clear vision of instructional design

Using a district-wide LMS gives staff confidence that this is what they are expected to use. they know that all teachers will be using the same platform. It also allows teachers to support one another. The consistency makes teachers feel comfortable using the platform and technology, which leads to them being able to support teachers who are new to using technology in their classrooms.

9. Staff has more autonomy

Staff has the ability to be creative and the freedom to produce more of what works best for them and their students.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about some of the benefits of using a district-wide LMS. Of course, educators all have their own experiences, and we probably missed a bunch! So, be sure to let us know on Twitter @Schoology how having a district-wide LMS has benefited you.


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