8 Creative Hacks for Turning Online Discussions into Dynamic Learning Opportunities

Matrix: 8 Creative Hacks for Turning Schoology Discussions into Dynamic Learning Opportunities
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Bradley Kemp

Senior Instructional Designer for Schoology

8 Creative Hacks for Turning Online Discussions into Dynamic Learning Opportunities

Posted in Schoology | August 21, 2017

Have you ever thought about using online discussions for ... well ... non-discussions? I won't fault you if you haven't. This is some next-level digital learning—the kinds of things that could be considered "discussion hacks."

Well, Professional Development Specialist and bubbly Schoology personality Joe Vassallo and I dove headfirst into the idea that online discussions are too versatile to use them only as they are intended. Together, we'll take you on a journey that starts with some of the most important, but often overlooked, functionality of these course materials.

After that bit of house keeping, we do our best to shatter any notion you may have of what online discussions are supposed to be. You'll see how you can use them as general collaboration spaces or to crowd source research. We'll teach you to use them for virtual field trips, cliffhanger creative writing, time capsules, and other interesting activities.

After watching this video, you may begin to see discussions in a new light. I also hope that it unlocks a new world of possibilities for other course materials you have at your disposal in Schoology.

So grab a comfy seat, sit back, and let your mind simmer in this veritable Willy Wonka factory for discussions.



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