6 Tips to Extend Your Classroom to the Cloud | Part 2: Discussions

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6 Tips to Extend Your Classroom to the Cloud | Part 2: Discussions

Posted in Pro Tips | September 28, 2015

Bradley Kemp and Kelsey Collins are back with the second part to their six part series 6 Tips to Extend Your Classroom to the Cloud. This week, they cover discussions—how to create them, key concepts for using them effectively, and even where to find pre-built discussion templates.

Using Discussions to Encourage Participation and Collaboration


There you have it! That's Part 2 of our 6 Tips to Extend Your Classroom to the Cloud.

Make sure to check out Part 1 on organizing your course materials. Also, tune in next week for Part 3 and learn all about embedding videos and other media into Schoology to kick your content up a notch. BAM!


Bradley Kemp
Sr. Instructional Designer

Bradley is a 3rd generation teacher and proud to introduce Schoology to master educators across the world on a daily basis. He works with instructional directors to develop methodical strategies for integrating technology and instruction in meaningful ways. After all, Bradley lives by his mantra, Change is not an event. It is a process. 

Say hi and follow Bradley on Twitter @brdkmp.

Kelsey Collins
Documentation Specialist

Kelsey combines her in-depth product knowledge with her enthusiasm for the Schoology Community to make sure everyone who signs up for Schoology has access to the tools they need to use the platform successfully. She thinks our users are the best in the world, so whether you’ve worked with her on a support ticket, read one of her help articles, or met her in a training session, she would love to hear from you!

Say hi and follow Kelsey on Twitter @KCollins1492


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