6 Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers

Check out these helpful Google Chrome extensions for teachers
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6 Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers

Posted in Pro Tips | April 16, 2019

Teachers everywhere are looking for more efficient ways to complete their work, but also fun ways to engage their students in the learning process. Whether you use a Chromebook or just Google Chrome on your PC or Mac, there are great tools right at your fingertips that you might not even know exist. These are Google extensions for teachers which can easily be installed into your Chrome browser and accessed with the click of a button. Keep reading to discover six Google extensions that will help you in your classroom.

1. PearDeck

PearDeck is an interactive presentation tool. Once installed, you can open a Google Slides presentation and use PearDeck to add questions to each slide. These can be multiple choice, short answer, or numbered questions. Students need to sign into the presentation which will then appear on their individual devices.

As you progress through the presentation, the questions you have inserted will appear on each student device and give them a chance to respond. You can see what each student answers, but you can also anonymously share their answers with the class so they can see how others respond. Once you move onto the next slide, the next question you’ve used pops up for students. In the end, you can save and export student answers to Google Sheets for your to revisit later to see how students answer and determine a course of action using the data you gather.

2. Auto Text Expander

Auto Text Expander allows you to type in a shortcut for longer texts in emails. For instance, maybe you find yourself typing “Thank you for your email” many times in response to parent or student inquiries about their grade. With Auto Text Expander, you can create a shortcut, such as “ty” which will automatically insert the text you would like. You can set up numerous shortcuts for yourself based on pieces of text that you use frequently. This will help you efficiently write emails and answer emails you receive.

3. Checkmark

Checkmark is an extension that allows you to leave quick feedback on a student’s paper in Google Docs. Instead of typing out each comment that you would like to leave, you can set up whichever comments you frequently make on student papers, such as “new paragraph”, “run-on”, or “comma error”, and quickly insert the comment. All you have to do after installing and opening the extension is open the student document and highlight a portion of text. Then a small box will pop up with the comments options, select the appropriate comment, and it is automatically added. You still have the option to add more comments if you would like, but Checkmark will assist you in grading papers faster with appropriate feedback.

4. Goobric + Doctopus

Goobric and Doctopus work together, and they work especially well if you use Google Classroom. Doctopus pulls in the assignments and essays from Google Classroom with links to each individual assignment. Goobric allows you to create a rubric that can be opened with each document. You can create your own rubrics or use the Goobric templates. When you open a student assignment and Goobric at the same time, Goobric opens in a side panel where you can click the boxes in the rubric that you wish to score and leave comments. Goobric adds it up and gives an overall score, then it can send an email notification to the student that their assignment is graded and ready for them to view. These two extensions help streamline the feedback you give on student work.

5. Pocket

Pocket is an extension that allows you to save articles, videos, and websites that you want to revisit later. After installing Pocket, whenever you come to a video or website that you want to remember, you just click the extension in your Chrome browser, and Pocket will save it for you. When you log into Pocket, you can see all the websites, videos, and articles that you have saved. This is a wonderful resource for keeping track of items you want for future lessons or professional development.

6. Screencastify

Screencastify is an extension that helps you video whatever is on your screen. It’s unique because you can have a website or article open on your desktop instead of having to create PDF versions of everything you want to include in your video. After installing and opening Screencastify, you can choose to record the open tab, your whole desktop, or even add your webcam to video yourself in the bottom corner. Once you start recording, you can use your mouse to write and highlight different portions of your screen. Save your video to your Google Drive where you can share it with students and staff. This is especially handy for eLearning lessons or review lessons on your LMS.

Hopefully, these Google Chrome extensions for teachers help you grade and communicate more efficiently. Do you have favorite Google extensions? Share them with us on Twitter @Schoology

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