4 Principles for Personalizing Learning | Part 4 "Supportive" [Video]

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Dylan Rodgers

Content Strategy Manager and Editor in Chief of the Schoology Exchange

4 Principles for Personalizing Learning | Part 4 "Supportive" [Video]

Posted in Pro Tips | February 28, 2017


Personalized learning takes many forms. Ultimately the goal is the same for every organization pursuing this strategy, but the paths they forge are often very different. And while few, if any, have reached their ultimate goal, there are some core principles we've learned along the way that are key to this strategy's success.

Over the last four weeks, we've looked at a few of these principles with the help of Adam Larson, our Director of Educational Strategy. Today is the last installment of his 4 Principles for Personalizing, a presentation he gave at the end of our webinar with Saint Paul Public School's detailing their path to personalized learning.

In Part 1 of this series, we saw how learning must be "Transparent." In Part 2, it became "Visible." Part 3 was all about making learning "Conversational". And finally, personalized learning must be "Supportive."


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