4 Android Updates That'll Make You a Better Mobile Educator

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4 Android Updates That'll Make You a Better Mobile Educator

Posted in Schoology | April 22, 2015

As mobile devices continue to be our preferred tools for communication, productivity, and general knowledge gathering, app developers must constantly find new ways to blend raw utility and convenience. In education, it's no different. We always need to do more and do it faster while preserving a rich and engaging educational experience.

A prime example of this is the newest version of our Android app. Verion 3.1 not only enables you to accomplish more from your mobile device, but it also improves your overall experience.

So go ahead and start downloading the latest version, and I'll walk you through what's new.

View Rich Text Updates and Discussion Comments

If you're like me, you spend as much time finding the right words for a Schoology update as you do strategizing on how its formatting will impact your audience. Well now all that hard work you put into each and every communication can be enjoyed by your students and colleagues using Android devices!

When viewing updates and discussion posts and comments via our Android app, you'll now see all the bolditalics, underlines, and lists the author had intended.

Access All the Details of Events

You can now access the full details of an event that appears in your Upcoming feed. This way you have all the information you need to manage your time effectively.

Calendar access will be coming to the Android app soon!

Enhanced Grading with Point-Based Scales

When you are grading student submissions using point-based scales, you'll notice the scale looks more like rubrics than before. Point-based scales now have the grid-like structure shown below to simplify grading and improve your overall experience.

Override Rubric and Final Grades

You can now change your students' final grades and the total grades they receive on rubrics via your mobile device. This will no doubt make it easier to factor in extra credit, dock points for late submissions without muddying mastery data, and more. 

That's all we have this round. Stay tuned because more awesome Android updates are always around the corner. So go download the the newest version and let us know what you think here on the blog or over Twitter (@Schoology).

And if you feel so inclined, share some love by rating our app in the Google Play Store. Your feedback helps us keep moving in the right direction.

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