3 New Features to Kick Off 2015 with Gusto

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3 New Features to Kick Off 2015 with Gusto

Posted in Schoology | January 14, 2015

At the turn of a new year, the rush of new possibilities is nothing short of intoxicating. Our minds often go to our goals for the year, the resolutions we made, and how the next 365 days will be spent incrementally improving our lives one step at a time.

At Schoology, we're doing the same. We have some great ideas for new features, new services, and ways to refine our existing ones.

Below are the first product updates for 2015. Think of them as the first steps towards some of the bigger, yearlong goals we have for your favorite LMS. 

Microsoft OneDrive for Business App

The latest in our growing list of Resource Apps is one that will simplify how you access your Microsoft OneDrive content. Tucked neatly into your Schoology Resources, this app puts all your OneDrive files (e.g., Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) at your fingertips.

With a few clicks, you can import these resources into your courses, your personal resource collections, and your group collections.

Add a OneDrive file to multiple courses and a shared group repository in one fell swoop.

Setting up your OneDrive app is quick and easy, and exactly the same as with other Resource Apps. Just follow the steps laid out in this Help Center article.

 This OneDrive app is only available for Microsoft OneDrive for Business subscribers. Why? Because OneDrive for Business and the free OneDrive both require their own integration (i.e., separate APIs). 

 If you use the free OneDrive and want us to build the app, please up-vote this feature request so we can gauge community interest.

Rubric Usability Enhancements
Over the next while, we will be working to improve our rubrics features to align them more with how you want to use them. To ensure the best quality, these improvements will roll out in steps as we tackle this enormous feature piece by piece.

The first set of rubric enhancement is focused on increasing usability.

Streamlined Rubric Creation

You can now create rubrics quickly and easily by using a point-based grading scale to populate the rubric's scale. That means you can save a little time. Plus, if you are creating a rubric with standards-aligned criteria, the creation process is super quick. Check it out:

You may also notice that you can now expand rubrics to span the width of your screen. The same button contracts it back to its original size. This nice little addition will come in handy while creating, managing, and grading with your rubrics.

To learn all the best practices for using rubrics in Schoology, see this article in our Help Center.

Enhanced School Analytics *Enterprise Only

Administrators, we're always working to enhance your visibility into the inner workings of your institution. Now, when you view School Analytics, you may notice that you have more options on how the data is presented. Check it out:

You can now see how much your institution is engaging with Schoology via the Web and Mobile, Web Only, or Mobile Only. This enhancement provides the most complete and accurate picture of the data yet and will now doubt play an important role in your work.

* * *

Those are all the updates we have for you this time around. Give them a try and, if you feel so inclined, let us know what you think in the comments below or on Twitter (@Schoology). And stay tuned because there are many more feature updates to come.

As always, if you have any questions, check out our Help Center. Also, our Support Team is ready to help. Just reach out to them by creating a Support Request.

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