3 Easy Ways to Participate in #SchoologyNEXT Without Being There

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Dylan Rodgers

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3 Easy Ways to Participate in #SchoologyNEXT Without Being There

Posted in Schoology | July 19, 2015

Not able to make to Schoology NEXT this year? That's okay. Thanks to modern technology you can still enjoy much of what the conference has to offer.

Here are a few easy ways to participate in #SchoologyNEXT from a comfy chair at home, while walking through the park, or pretty much wherever!

#1 Follow @Schoology on Our Social Media Channels

During the conference, you'll notice an explosion of tweets, photos, and brilliant quotes. Don't miss a beat by following us via social media. 

#2 Join the Conversation Using #SchoologyNEXT!

Read, reply to, retweet, and like tweets live with NEXT attendees. Using the hashtag #SchoologyNEXT you can see what's happening at the conference and join in the discussions. Also, this is a great way for you to expand your Professional Learning Community (PLC).

#3 Stay Tuned to the Schoology Blog for Post-Conference Stories

We'll be bundling up as much of the NEXT 2015 as possible into videos, blog posts, Storify's, and more. You'll even get the skinny on some exciting new features we're announcing during the conference.

 Start taking in all things Schoology 
NEXT by following #SchoologyNEXT

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