2014: A Schoology Odyssey

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2014: A Schoology Odyssey

Posted in Evolving Ed | January 08, 2015

Happy new year! Can you believe it's already 2015? It seems like only yesterday that we were learning together at NEXT 2014. Time sure does fly by.

The big question is, what will 2015 bring? The best way to look forward is by first looking backward. So take a moment and enjoy 2014: A Schoology Odyssey.

The Year of the Schoology Community

If 2014 was anything, it was the year of the Schoology Community—over 7.5 million users and counting. Not only did it double (yes, I said double) in size last year, but we also now have community members in nearly every corner of the world!

Darker shades indicate a higher concentration of institutions using Schoology. 

That's over 130 different countries represented above. Who's in your professional learning network (PLC)?

Huge New Feature Updates

As the community has grown, so has our platform. Our Product and Engineering Team pumped out 130 new feature updates over 2014. That's roughly 2.5 a week and does not include all the tweaks, fixes, and optimizations they do every day.

A few notable callouts include: 

The Winningest Year in Schoology History

We really like awards, and thanks to our community and our team, we had our winningest year ever! Schoology was recognized for numerous awards in 2014 and did nothing short of clean up at the 2014 SIIA CODiE Awards like Meryl Streep at the Oscars.

We are proud to say that Schoology was named the Best Overall Education Solution, the Best Learning Management System, and the Best PK-12 LMS of 2014! Let's keep this going in 2015. 

Events Galore

In 2014, we kept pretty busy on the event front. We traveled to more than 90 major edtech events and hosted a few of our own. That's a lot of planning, coordinating, shipping, and cleaning up!

We went to every corner of the US. Some of our community was even gracious enough to share their stories.

Guest Presentation from FETC in January 2014

2014 was also the year we took South America by storm.

From the Bett Latin American Leadership Summit in Rio de Janeiro, October 2014 

But the event that stole the show was NEXT 2014, our very first user conference. We had the opportunity to collaborate with over 300 attendees from over 12 countries in Denver, CO.



There has never been, nor will there ever be, a more enjoyable/insightful/invigorating conference... at least until NEXT 2015.

See what happened and what the community said about it in this nice bite-sized presentation.

Top Blogs of 2014



Last year, the Schoology Blog exploded. We had more guest posts than ever and 178 community comments on the top five blogs alone.

That's huge. Any blogger would be giddy (which I am!) to have this magnitude of interaction. So thank you, Schoology Community, for keeping the conversation going.

Here are five of our top blog posts of 2014:

We're Looking Forward to 2015. Are You?

We had a wonderful year as a community, but the best has yet to come. 

Expect our community to grow, become more diverse, and share even more brilliant ideas. Expect us to add amazing new features and streamline the existing ones. Expect the best, because it's what we are determined to provide.

Thank you all for such a great 2014. Let's make 2015 even better!

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