20 of the Best Articles, eBooks, and Webinars from 2017

20 Stellar Articles, eBooks, and Webinars from 2017
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20 of the Best Articles, eBooks, and Webinars from 2017

Posted in Schoology | December 29, 2017

2017. Twenty seventeen. I can't believe it's already over. As they say, time flies when you're having fun. And let me tell you, it has been quite a year for our educational content.

While I am referring to what we've published here on the Schoology Exchange, that's not our only content outlet. Did you know we also regularly produce ebooks, articles, and webinars that you can access in our Resources page on our website? Bookmark it because we're always publishing great thought leadership and best practices for you to learn from.

More on that later (Focus, Dylan!) Come with me now on a journey through time and space—through 2017's top content you may have missed.

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10 Most Popular Blog Posts

Here are the top 10 blog posts people read and shared this year.

7 Simple Ways to Set Up Your Courses with an LMS

Explore seven easy, innovative ways to set up your courses with an LMS. Whether you choose to recreate one of these seven methods or remix them to invent your own, this fun post will be mighty helpful.

Why Going Paperless Shouldn't Be Your Goal

Going paperless should be a result of a well thought out digital strategy, not the goal of it. Find out how to use technology (and paper) more thoughtfully in this post.

Digital Learning: Data, Trends, and Strategies You Need to Know

This post dives into the results of our 2017 Global State of Digital Learning in K-12 study. It has tons of great insight that can inform your practice.

What is the Flipped Classroom?

If you're wanting to learn more about flipped learning, you'll find this deep dive into the basics of the concept more than useful.

How to Prevent Cheating During Online Tests

Written by the Chief Operations Officer from Respondus, this best practices article has some great insight for stopping cheating before it happens—and you don't need Respondus to find this useful.

Improving Student Outcomes: Why You Shouldn't Overlook the Impact of Principals

Do you know all the ways principals can impact student outcomes? Find out they can play active roles in the learning process and transform student experiences.

5 Great Uses for Rubrics You'll Wish You'd Thought of First

Want to expand your skills with rubrics? How about be inspired to use them in a way you never thought of before? This is your post.

30 All-Too-Real Memes Only Educators (and Schoology Users) Will Understand

As a crowd favorite, this post is fun, raw, and will let you know that no matter how complicated or strange this next semester gets, you're not alone.

Learning from Failure: 6 Short EdTech Case Studies You Need to Read

We all fail some times, but failure can be the catalyst to success. Here are six educational stories that will inspire you to keep fighting the good fight.

The Importance of "Why": Inspiring Action with Great Leadership

According to Simon Sinek, leaders and organizations who are implementing large-scale change should start with why they're doing it, rather than the what or how. Learn why in this post.

Top 5 eBooks and Articles for Download

These are our top ebooks and articles that you can download on our Resources page.

How to Implement Choice-Based Learning in Your Blended Classroom

Learn why choice-based learning is a powerful strategy for increasing engagement, and learn how to layer elements of it into your own classroom or PD strategy.

The 2017 Global State of Digital Learning in K-12

This ebook (nearly 50 pages) is a deep dive into the results from our annual digital learning study. Get the data you need to inform your practice.

The Vital Importance of Vision: How to Lead Lasting Change in Education

Having a clear and well communicated vision is key when implementing any large-scale change in an organization. Learn how in this article.

5 Levels of Data for Measuring Educational Impact

Do you know how to measure the impact of your instructional strategies? This article will put you on a path to achieving your goals through backwards design.

Forget One-Size-Fits-All PD: How to Use Teacher Data to Improve Training

Want to take your PD to the next level? This article can help you start to using data to differentiate PD and insure it's relevant to your faculty.

5 Must-See Webinars

A Blueprint for Effective Collaboration in Education

Join a discussion with three founders of the Ohio Blended Collaborative about the impact collaboration has had on their districts, what their program looks like, and what you can do to recreate some of their success.

Building Curriculum With Free Resources (The Right Way)

In this webinar, Director of Instructional Technology and Digital Learning Fran Kompar discusses the power of open educational resources (OERs), her methods for finding and evaluating them, and how to use them.

Which is Better, Top-Down or Bottom-Up? Two Strategies for Tech Implementation

Unsure which implementation approach to choose? Learn the pros and cons of each and the third option you may not know exists in this webinar with Instructional Technologist Will Deyamport.

Riding the EdTech Adoption Curve: Practical Ways to Empower All Your Faculty

Getting all your faculty on board with technology can seem impossible. It's not if your strategy addresses the needs of everyone involved. See how in this discussion with Teacher and District Coach Tiffany Moy.

Leveling Up: A Surprising Journey from Trying to Manage Digital Learning to Completely Transforming It

Join Instructional Designer Justin Harbin and Instructional Technologist William Illingworth to learn the power of choosing easy-to-use tools and what that has enabled them to do in their college.

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Whoo! That's it! Wipes sweat off forehead. 

Believe it or not, there's a lot more great content that we couldn't share here, so make sure to subscribe to our blog for weekly updates. Also, check our Resources page regularly for the latest articles, ebooks, and webinar recordings.

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