13 Reasons (Of Many) Why Schoology Thanks Teachers

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week 2019!
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13 Reasons (Of Many) Why Schoology Thanks Teachers

Posted in Community | May 03, 2019

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to teachers everywhere! It’s safe to say that one week will never be enough time to really thank our educators for all that they do. But, we’re going to try!

We spent the day talking with Schoology employees (many who are former educators) to find out what they would thank teachers for. One thing is clear, no matter the experience, department, or anything in between, the general consensus was that there’s almost too much to thank teachers for!

Check out some of the responses below!

“Teachers, thank you for…”

Inspiring and believing in our kids. For teaching them to be kind and compassionate citizens. For showing them that there's more than one way to solve a problem and to be curious about other perspectives and ideas.

- Laurie Motyka, Director of Field Marketing

Wearing many hats and wearing those hats 24/7!

- Mara Lewis, Client Success Manager

Your diligence. Your job can be difficult sometimes and we appreciate that you give it your ALL!

- Kaitlin Stoll, Office Coordinator

Having the patience to teach our kids.

- David Wolpert, Director of Product Marketing

Teachers, thank you for embracing the tremendous responsibility of being the stewards of our young people's development. Much of public discourse about education focuses on our teachers' ability to support students' academic achievement, but schools are a place where students learn so much more than the academic curriculum. During their most formative years, students spend the majority of their time at school where they are inevitably learning "how to be" from their teachers. They learn acceptable standards of conduct, how to handle failure, how to resolve conflict, how people who are "in charge" should behave, how to persevere when everything goes wrong, the right relationship between "fun" and "work", how and when to ask for help, how to develop trusting relationships with mentors and peers, and so much more. People say it takes a village to raise a child, and teachers are indispensable members of that community. Thank you teachers!

- Tessa Miller, Product Partnerships Manager

Believing in me and inspiring me to become everything I am.

- Kevin Killeen, Education Technology Specialist

Bringing us into worlds we may never have found ourselves through literature, art, history, and all the other fascinating subjects.

- Tina Musich, Senior Product Designer

Their dedication to continually advancing what's possible for their students!

- Jana Cohen, Client Success Manager

Being awesome!!

- Whitney Donaldson, New Business Marketing Manager

All of the hard work you do outside the classroom that often goes unrecognized.

- Tom Small, Engineering Manager

The hard work you put in to make the world a better place one child at a time!

- Paul Martin, Partnerships Manager

Creating a world filled with lifelong learners!

- Sarah Kuhn, Support Associate

Your patience with students during the most important time in their lives.

- Seamus Martin, Software Engineer

We hope you enjoyed reading some of the many reasons why we thank teachers today, and every day.

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