12 Educators Share Their Instructional Approaches for This Year

12 Educators Share Their Instructional Approaches for This Year
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12 Educators Share Their Instructional Approaches for This Year

Posted in Community | October 13, 2017

What instructional approach are you implementing this year? This is a question we were dying to ask the Schoology Champions. So we did. Below are some of the responses they shared about how they are enhancing learning for their students and faculty for the 2017–2018 school year.

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What Instructional Approaches are You Using this Year and How?


April Demsko
Social Studies Teacher​

I will be differentiating learning by giving assignments based on pretest scores and post test scores. I am able to assign students specific assignments that they can see based on where they are in meeting the different standards. I can then re-mediate those students who may not have met the standard the first time it was taught.




Bobby Thollander​
Science Teacher
​Bishop O'Dowd High School

This school year, I am utilizing Schoology's educational app integrations to create engaging "choose your own adventure" learning opportunities on pages within my Schoology courses. For example, this past week, I used what I learned at the Schoology Next 2017 Conference to create each lesson utilizing technology and different education enhanced apps embedded into a single Schoology page for each day.

Students were able to navigate through the different components of the lesson's page at the own pace while choosing the activities they completed without having to leave the Schoology interface. While the integration usability is streamlined and easy to learn, I still included directions, expectations, and point values for each component within the page. The apps my students are using within Schoology are Google Slides presentations, Quizlet sets, Nearpod explorations, Google Docs collaborations, YouTube videos, Mindomo concept maps, TedEd talks, and Khan Academy tutorials.




Mike Washburn
Head of Computer Studies / Teacher / Technology Integration Specialist
Richmond Hill Montessori and Elementary Private School

An LMS with the features Schoology lends itself perfectly to personalizing a students' learning experience. I am working hard at giving my students as much freedom to explore their potential and direct their own learning. I am able to still assess their work and maintain great communication with them with the help of the messages and discussions systems in Schoology.




Michael Cabral
​Cincinnati Public Schools

This year, I am planning to implement some aspects of flipped learning in my classroom. Flipped learning describes a classroom in which the lecture and instruction is done at home, and more hands-on learning and instructional activities are performed in the classroom.

My senior classes will be able to take personal laptops home, so I am sure that my senior classes will have, at minimum, a computer to use at home. I am excited to try to have them take notes and learn at home, and come in the next day ready to ask questions and participate in discussions or activities based around the content they were exposed to the night before. I'm going to take small steps at first this year, and keep working at this new approach until I find out what works best.




Sara Johnson
Technology Integration Champion and Broadcast Teacher​
​Bowie Middle School

For my middle school broadcast class, I'm going to use Schoology to provide individualized face-to-face instruction and student-paced online instruction. After co-creating success criteria of a given type of film genre, I will do small group conferencing on scripts to provide feedback. Online instruction will consist of the technological instruction—that way students who are ahead aren't waiting on me and students who need to watch how to do something a second time will be able to stop and replay any section they need, including skills from previous units. The whole class will involve viewing films as a class an using Schoology to provide peer feedback and support.




Philip Pulley​
​​Fieldcrest High School CUSD 6

I use flipped learning and UDL because I think the approaches work well together. UDL calls for providing multiples ways to acquire knowledge and to demonstrate understanding and mastery of that content. Flipped learning and 1:1 are tools that allow me to achieve my goal of UDL.




Stephen Rao
Computer Teacher
​Ramtown Elementary School

I will be facilitating self paced units to my students this year. Schoology allows me to create a folder of assignments to which a student selects the order they complete these assignments. All assignments are linked to standards to analyze mastery reporting.




Shawn Gray
Information Technology Coordinator
​Monroe Central School Corp

Over the summer, I created an online course for 7th and 8th grade classes. It is totally self paced and self guided. I created 6 modules for them to go through. They are:

  • Intro to Computers
  • Intro to the Internet
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Google Apps
  • Research & Citing Your Work
  • Networking

Each module has videos, reading passages, hands-on activities to do, reflections to write, quizzes, and other things. I introduced this to the classes and we went over the beginning of each module before I turned it over to the classroom teacher. These classes meet once a week and the modules should take them the entire school year to complete. This helps us with our STEM requirements.




Christina Nording
5th Grade Teacher & iGuide
​School District of Milton

My students will be exploring a PBL activity that is housed in Schoology. Students will learn how to collaborate with others and be reflective learners. The topic will cover how the Triangular Trade Route impacted globalization, and how globalization impacts countries of today. Students will be using the 4 C's to create a project that will be posted on my YouTube Channel or Twitter for the world to view.




Stephanie Hwang
Instructional Technologist
​Bishop O'Dowd High School

Teachers are the experts in their fields, and sometimes we need some new ideas from other departments. This year, we are supporting teachers by providing a monthly roundtable to discuss common teaching and technology challenges. Examples include starting the school year, classroom management, expanding critical thinking, feedback, etc. In this facilitated discussion, I hope teachers can receive insight, ideas, and empathy from each other.




Jerilyn McConchie
Lifelong Learner​
​Killeen Independent School District

I've made my course 90% online through Schoology. It allows me individually assign work to my students as needed rather than a one-size-fits-all assignment. I'm also able to differentiate easily for my SPED students to align with their individual learning needs.




Jared Lopatin
Educational Technology Coordinator
Lexington School for the Deaf

I'm actually continuing the game I started last year but I'm taking it to new levels. I'm adding new challenges, extra bonus missions, and empowering some of the players to become leaders for their chosen teams so that they can create challenges themselves. There will be new rewards as well!

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