10(ish) Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing an LMS | Video

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10(ish) Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing an LMS | Video

Posted in Evolving Ed | January 16, 2018

Do you know how to choose an LMS that meets the needs of everyone in your district? Choosing an LMS is quite a challenge because this one decision will have a huge impact across your institution. Well, we asked Technology Coordinator Robert Schuetz what his thought process was during this high-stakes decision-making process. 

He came up with the 10(ish) Questions to Ask Before Choosing an LMS, and we did a webinar with him to discuss these questions in more detail.

Robert is a veteran educator of 25 years, all at Palatine High School in Palatine, Illinois. He's a National Board Certified Teacher and has spent the last 14 years serving as Technology Coordinator at his school. His school went 1:1 with iPads and are not only pushing the boundaries of what's possible with Schoology but also what's possible in education in general.

What's in the Video?

  • 10(ish) critically important questions to ask before buying enterprise technologies to roll out across your institution
  • What an LMS is, and why you should think of it as a "hub" for learning
  • The importance of integrations and keeping everything in one place for end users
  • Life lessons from Bob's experince of rolling out Schoology across his district

This webinar is derived from an original article by Bob Schuetz titled10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an LMS. Download it here.

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