10 EdTech Podcasts to Enhance Your Teaching

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10 EdTech Podcasts to Enhance Your Teaching

Posted in Evolving Ed | April 02, 2019

Podcasts are the fitness equivalent of having a great workout without lifting a finger—you can listen to engaging, relevant, and even funny material about the world of education without having to make it another checkmark on your PD "to-do" list. Podcasts are as easy as hitting play while you're commuting, lesson planning, relaxing on the couch, or yes... even at the gym if you're committed to having an actual workout. Searching through a sea of podcasts to find one that fits your EdTech needs is yet another time-consuming task, so we've cut out the research portion and provided a list of 10 EdTech podcasts that can enhance your teaching, without draining your mental energy.

1. TEDTalks Education

You've seen TEDTalks on a wide variety of topics ranging from gardening to anxiety to leadership, but did you know that there is a specially curated channel just for education topics? TEDTalks Education offers a slew of both veteran and newer educators discussing their craft, tech trends, as well as specific content-based talks, such as a crash course in organic chem.

2. OnEducation

The hosts—one the Head of Curriculum and Training, and the other a technology integrationist and instructional coach—bring honesty and insight to a range of education topics on the OnEducation podcast. From current events and policy to best practices and professional development, an hour learning from these experts is an hour well spent. [Not to mention, they’re both Schoology Ambassadors!]

3. House of EdTech

Ever hear the phrase "you don't know what you don't know?” You may feel that way after a couple episodes of House of EdTech, a podcast by educator Chris Nesi. If you're a tech junkie, or just beginning to implement technology in your classroom, this podcast offers loads of material on EdTech lesson ideas and projects, as well as the benefits of its use in the classroom. Since the topics are classroom-tested, the ideas and projects presented here hold a lot of weight in their credibility and reliability.

4. EdChat Radio

Don't have time to scroll Twitter ad nauseam looking for education trends from leading experts? EdChat Radio has done the scrolling for you, identifying hot topics that are on the minds of respected educational leaders across the country. The site is easy to search based on specific topics, presenters, or forums where educators can "ask an expert" about any classroom-based topic they'd like to discuss.

5. EDUtalk

No corporate-sponsored talk here—EDUtalk is entirely the product of teachers and parents relaying their experiences about EdTech. Based in Scotland, the site also allows you to preview upcoming podcasts so you can plan ahead for topics that catch your interest-- just note that the site uses the European day/month/year format. Users are also encouraged to upload their own podcasts about education-based topics. Not a tech guru? Contact the site's operators and they will kindly assist you with how you can record, upload, and share a topic you're passionate about.

6. EdTech Shorts

Work smarter, not harder is the mantra of EdTech Shorts, which outlines super quick ways educators can teach their students essential tech skills, as well as getting the most out of EdTech classroom tools. With the average length of each podcast around 4 minutes, you can learn a new EdTech tool in the time it takes to brush your teeth and comb your hair in the morning. Recent topics include utilizing the Minecraft "Education" edition, Flipgrid, and student functions within Google Classroom.

7. Your EdTech Questions

The recently revamped ISTE standards hold students, and educators, to a higher standard of technological literacy and proficiency. While these new standards may seem daunting, Your EdTech Questions aims to answer specific queries utilizing 2 classroom teachers, as well as an ISTE specialist. Since the podcast's sponsor is ISTE, you'll receive direct and helpful responses to your EdTech questions. This is a new addition to the podcast scene, so look for future episodes to cover a great deal of technology territory.

8. ConnectSafely

With the increase in EdTech, teachers are now faced with a new host of privacy, security, and digital citizenship lessons that are crucial for students to navigate their digital landscape. ConnectSafely provides a fantastic trove of topics for teachers, students, and parents such as age-appropriate tech gifts, basic internet safety, cyberbullying, and how to connect safely to Wi-Fi in public spaces. Educators often assume that these topics are the responsibility of administrators, parents, or law enforcement officials, but teachers also need to be keenly aware of students' digital footprint, safety, behavior, and security within their classroom.

9. EduFuturists

Sunday mornings are for lesson planning, leisurely cups of coffee, and tuning into EduFuturists' latest podcast, featuring new weekly guests who are on the cutting edge of pedagogical and EdTech trends. Each Sunday, the guests offer a 20-minute glimpse into what's new, novel, and engaging, adding to the weekly Wednesday 10-minute feature on utilizing specific EdTech tools.

10. Teachers On Fire

Educators, instructional coaches, principals, and leaders in modern pedagogy have heaps of information littered across Teachers on Fire, where thought-provoking podcasts would be great topics for faculty, department, or professional development meetings. While not every podcast focuses on EdTech, you'll find enough material that focuses on sound, relevant ideas for classroom rules and regulations, student engagement techniques, relationship building, and critical thinking skills that allow educators to build and maintain a solid base while adding new tech tricks.

Listening to EdTech podcasts is a low-maintenance way to ignite a spark within your classroom. No need for intensive research, hours scrubbing the internet for relevant sites, or copious note-taking. Sit back, listen, and let your mind imagine how the ideas, tools, and trends you're hearing would work within your four classroom walls.

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