10–15 Minutes to a Better Understanding of Education Today

10–15 Minutes to a Better Understanding of Education Today
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Dylan Rodgers

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10–15 Minutes to a Better Understanding of Education Today

Posted in Schoology | May 07, 2018

Do you know the educational practices teachers and administrators around the world are using today? How about the biggest obstacles to student learning?

If you asked Agent Fox Mulder, he'd say something to the effect of "The answers are out there ..." But he'd be wrong, because the answers are inside of you.

That's why we need your help. We're asking all education professionals around the world to take 10–15 minutes out of your days to complete our 2018 Global State of Digital Learning Survey. It's the second iteration of our annual survey and, with your help, it will provide an even clearer view of the state of digital learning in the world today.

Over 3,800 education professionals participated last year. For their efforts, we were able to compile two extensive reports on the data (all data was anonymized, of course)—one for K–12 and one for Higher Ed. If you haven't checked them out yet, you should. They contain insights that can help you to better understand your own practice, let alone the practices of your peers across 89 countries.

Take our survey and together we'll learn:

  • The challenges and priorities of instructors and administrators
  • The practices they employ and the devices they use
  • What the instructional process looks like
  • How administrators are supporting their instructors
  • And much more

Also, if you complete the survey, you could be one of 10 lucky respondents to win a $50 Amazon gift card. Match that with a deeper understanding of things like device strategies and effective instructional practices, and that's 10–15 minutes well spent.

So, if you would, take a few moments and share your thoughts in our survey. Join our global effort. The thousands of your peers who value insight such as this will thank you.

Take our 2018 Global State of Digital Learning Survey

You can take it right here.


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Check Out Our 2017 Global State of Digital Learning Reports

Below are our 2017 reports—K–12 on the left and Higher Ed on the right. After you take our 2018 survey, this will have to satiate your hunger for digital learning data until we're able to crunch the numbers from this year. Despite their year of age, I think you'll find them enlightening.




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