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Making 21st Century Learning a Reality at White Plains ISD

Superintendent, Dr. Joseph Ricca, discusses how his district is preparing students for the future. This is a story of equity, access, collaboration, and staying on the leading edge of technology.

The Road to Educational Transformation: Troy School District

Meet Tech/Innovation Learning Leader Gareth Eve and Tech Integration Coordinator Ron Keoleian. Learn how they selected an LMS, drove LMS adoption, and found success with Schoology at Troy School District in Michigan.

Schoology: A Catalyst for Elevated Teaching & Learning

Delaware's BRINC consortium of school districts shares an inspiring story around the success of Schoology in their schools and how it has increased student achievement and engagement.

NEXT 2017: Schoology Annual User Conference Recap

Hundreds of educators gathered in Chicago for Schoology NEXT 2017. From thoughtful keynotes to dozens of breakouts and an exceptional party at the renowned Chicago Field Museum, this event was one for the books!

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What it means to Advance What's Possible in Education

Every day we find ourselves more inspired by the interesting and innovative things happening in the Schoology community. Instructors and administrators around the globe continue to find new ways to use Schoology to elevate the learning experience.

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"We are so excited for the future of teaching and learning at McHenry High School. Schoology is the curriculum, instruction, and communication tool we have never had. The Schoology platform has exceeded our expectations and the Schoology family has been an incredible support and inspiration to the creativity of the teachers in our district."
Carl Vallianatos, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction at McHenry Community High School
"We didn't want a system that required extensive training. With Schoology, both students and teachers could start using it immediately without training … I liked that we could choose the features we wanted to use and that the open, cloud-based platform made it much easier and faster for Schoology to implement enhancements based on our needs."
Ann Dunkin, Chief Technology Officer at Palo Alto Unified School District
"Schoology has brought an aspect to our learning environment that conveys openness and a spirit of community. We can talk about how we lose students to other programs (cyber school) and how we pay steep tuition fees, or we can embrace that same type of system to encourage students to remain a Viking until graduation. It’s simply the right decision for students."
Dr. Ken Williams, Director of Technology Integration at Mount Pleasant Area School District
"The main reason that Culver went with Schoology was to provide that organizational aid for students to see everything in one place and that's helpful for any counselors or teachers who are trying to assist students who are maybe struggling."
Grace McKay, Instructional Technology Liaison at Culver Academies

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